It's the Pet Pics thread (Image Intensive)


Dude gets mad at his own reflection, not sure if “kingly” is the word I would use


My buddy, Miss Cleo


Thought I’d hop in here with my old man orange Tabby, Angel. He lets me pretend he’s Keyboard cat, so that’s pretty cool.


I am very fortunate to have two good and strong friends but I’m new here so I only get to post one picture. They ( along with my partner’s mules ) take up most of my free time and most of my money too and I wouldn’t want things any other way.


My roommates cat. Her name is Bigglesworth, but I call her Wiggles-wurst


Here’s Jupiter, my long-haired Jack Russell Terrier, a thing I didn’t know existed until after adopting her. Wouldn’t trade her for anything, but she is a terror.


One of my partners has awesome Bernese muntain dogs, the one on the right sadly passed not too long after I took this. I’m really glad she had me get a bunch of pictures of them when she did. I ended up framing some of them for her for christmas.


My Basenji’s, Chewy and Indy.

Pictures anywhere from '98-'04. Chewy could be a little, shall we say, strong-willed, and left me my fair share of scars to remember him by. Indy was the sweetest, most lovingest creature I’ve ever know. And she was the only thing Chewy was afraid of, other than dad.


I finally got a phone with decent storage space this year, and so much of that space is now filled with pics of my goofy cat, so… enjoy!!


She loves doing the thriller I guess


Cat is Milo he is very nice but pretty shy, the dog is Jeter and he is a very friendly dog


The good pets in this thread, y’all :raised_hands:

I’ve had CJ since he was a kitten, back in 2001. He loves to sit on my lap any chance he gets.

Like when I was a high school sophomore in 2004

or working from home in 2016

He’s also a heavy sleeper.

I :heart: my cat


Gobo! Our chatty lil senegal.


Pumpkin is only allowed on the raised portion of the counter, and thus


They get along well considering Norrell (small cat) is only 3 and Quinton (big cat) is almost 19.


This is Delsin.

And this is Finn.

They’re both brothers and 3 years old. :smiley:


Here’s my 4-year-old kitty, Amelia Pond.


This dog has BEST FACE.


This is Tsar and he likes to sleep a lot.


Oh my god, how did I miss this glorious creature every time I read the thread before now?