It's the Pet Pics thread (Image Intensive)


I don’t have any pets at the moment but here’s my parents dog Maggie. She’s a Cajun Squirrel Dog!


Delsin appears to be related to my Yoshi.



That’s a person not a pet ban request pls



i love aussies :)))


Ha ha, definitely similar. Cousins of course! :smile_cat:


Meet Einstein, gaming lap buddy for six years since yesterday!




My sweet girl Ziggy Stardust. She’s my first cat and when I adopted her the shelter said she was a boy.
After I switched vets this year, he let me know I was misled.
She’s very sweet though, stays close while I write my articles for the paper I work at.


This is our darling kitten baby (who is totally an independent adult kitty, but she’s our favorite). Found at 8 weeks old in the forest by my wife while interning with a drum maker, chased for an hour with the help of flanking farm cats but not caught. My wife came home heartbroken for the weekend, convinced the kitten was going to be eaten by a coyote, but when she returned the next week a traveling troubador named Fontoozie (who was staying with the drum maker) found the kitten on the chicken coop preparing to pounce on prey much larger than she. He gave us the best cat we’ve ever known, and we named her Catliom (literally “cat with me” in Irish).


This is my fluffy son Morley. He’s a middle-aged maine ■■■■ that we adopted from a shelter three years ago. We kept his shelter name. He is the sassiest and chillest cat.


My baby puppy Doughnut.


My pup Jodie happy to be out on a walk in the woods!



This is my devilishly lethargic Lhasa Apso named Chip. He has a fantastic underbite.


10 years old and still obsessed with belly rubs




Oh god, I finally have an outlet to show off my sweet babies.

Here’s a sweet and rare picture of my dog and cat actually chilling out for a minute. Ziggy’s the dog. He’s my favorite. Still acts like a little pupperino even though he’s starting to get old. Jasper’s the cat. He’s… well, he’s sweet, but he has his moments. We adopted him two years ago, and he’s a bit slow warm up, but he’s gotten to be pretty sweet.


Billy (Top one) and Steve (Bottom one). Had them since I was 12. It was only recently Steve passed away, possibly from age since he didn’t show any signs of being sick. Billy so far has been pretty active so he’ll be around with me for awhile.