It's time. Favorite JJBA part/Jojo


I’m gonna go from 1-6 because I stopped reading 7 since it wasn’t my thing, and 8 because Joshuu is trash and i got tired.

4 > 6 > 3 > 2 > 5 > 1

Josuke > Jolyne > Joseph > Giorno > Johnathan > Jotaro



I haven’t read part 5 because there still isn’t a readable translation of it out yet.

Part 8 is a pretty big contender to being my favorite


7>4>6=5=3>2>1 Choosing not to rank 8 until it is finished (although my gut says just behind 7, if only for the art style).


I don’t remember my rankings for JJBA parts anymore, it’s been way too long, Part 8 really has the potential to be a favorite if it delivers on stuff with Jobin and Kaato though.

I think I’d go like, 6>4>5>7>3>2>1

It’s all really close tho

I really like a lot of what seven does esp in the finale but the stuff with Lucy Steel is just way too Ugh for me to rank it higher, even if JJBA is a #Problematic Series in general,


4 > 6 > 7 > 2 > 3 > 1 > 5 , and I’m not caught up with Jojolion yet.

I expect 5 to move up this ranking when the anime starts, though. I only ever read the Very Very Bad translation of 5, the one where it was the same quality as the duwangs, but proofread and more visually clean, so you didn’t realize how wrong and in places, completely made up it was.

Which is weird, considering I read the duwangs and Part 4 has been my favorite, but there’s something in the charm of being aware that it’s a bad translation. It was so much more earnest.

I have this impression of Part 7 not sticking the landing as well as I wanted to in my head, I really need to go back and reread that last volume.


I’m a casual fool who’s only seen the recent anime adaptations, but it’s kinda validating to see that not everyone is all about part 2 like a lot of people I know are. Diamond is Unbreakable was INCREDIBLE though. Oh man. I’m well up for the live action adaptation even if it does turn out they aren’t gonna show the stands.

So, 4, 1, 3, 2.


I love the fandom for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure because I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single person give someone shit for being “casual” for following along with the anime. We’re glad your in it with us now. :heart:


I once heard that although the duwang translation was full of spelling and grammar errors, that it still managed to do a good job of capturing the character’s personalities. The part 5 translation, while not as obviously horrible, managed to make all of the characters seem really bland, which is why many English speakers don’t like it as well. Despite that Bruno is still one of my favorite characters.


My favourite protagonists and parts don’t match up at all.
Mine’s something like…

4 > 7 > 6 > 2 > 3 > 5 > 1 - I’m withholding judgement on 8. For protags, it’s more like…

Jolyne > Josuke > Joseph > Jonathan > Jotaro > Johnny > Giorno

I have very complicated feelings about Jotaro, 'cuz I love him as a supporting member in part 4 and 6, but it wouldn’t be as good without the contrast to his time as the protagonist of part 3, which… yeah.


4>7=5>2>6>3>1 and i wont rate 8 yet as its still ongoing.
Jolyne> Joseph> Josuke>Giorno>Johnny>Jotaro>Jonathan
And just for fun
Kira>Dio> Funny Valentine> Pucci> Kars> Diavolo


2,7,5,4,1,3,6 unpopular opinion



8 unranked due to not being finished.

Joseph best JoJo, and the main reason 2 is ranked as highly as it is. I’ve fallen behind on part 8, but I’ve really been enjoying it so far, and could see it beating out part 2 for me by the time it’s done. Also 5 will probably be ranked higher one the anime is out with a better translation.


I have only watched the anime but 4>2>3>1



Stardust Crusaders has some of the highest highs but also by far the lowest lows


The reason 3 doesn’t beat out a few other parts on my list is that the shit with Abdul is super mean. He’s so nice they killed him twice


I honestly can’t rank the parts because I love them all so much in their own ways, though if I had to I’d probably put Stardust Crusaders/Phantom Blood near the bottom and Stone Ocean/Diamond is Unbreakable near the top. Ranking JoJos is easier for me, though the top 2 tend to swap places a lot.

Joseph > Jolyne > Josuke > Jo2ke > Johnny > Giorno > Jotaro > Jonathan


I see no one wants to be the one to put part 8 in their rankings… I will bite this bullet


Gappy is My Man. Can’t really rank the rest tho


Okay, I’m only on the Aerosmith vs Little Feet parts of Part 5, so barely halfway through the series up to this point, but by far I think I’m at 4>2>>3>>>>1.
Phantom Blood bored me to tears.


The anime made me appreciate Phantom Blood a lot more.


I liked Phantom Blood a lot my first time through, but I can’t get through it on re-read/watch. In context of what comes after, it’s really dull.