It's time. Favorite JJBA part/Jojo


4, 6 and what I’ve read of 7 are all tied for me! Followed by 2, 3 and then 1. Haven’t read 5.

4 might be my sentimental favorite of the series, the first time I thought Araki nailed a solid bench of side characters. Kira is terrifying as well. 6 had relatively tight storytelling and some ridiculous high-concept stands, 7 is maybe the most polished Jojo arc I’ve seen up to the point where I stopped? 2 is a lot of fun but the series didn’t really mature until 3, which still has a few too many stand-of-the-week chapters. 1 is rough but had some wild moments I suppose. As for favorite Jojo…Jolyne maybe???


4 > 2 > 1 > 3

I’d love to read some of the unadapted parts someday. When ever they get around to letting me give them money for it.


Joseph Joestar.

He does not give a FUCK.

I love them all, but man, you had no idea what that guy was going to do next. Entertaining, genuinely funny, and so good that he got to come back for the next two parts.

Straight baller.


Joseph grew on me when he became more Daddy. That dude aged like a fine wine.


4 is by far my favourite part and I feel truly TRULY blessed to have ever gotten such a good adaption of it, never thought that would happen.

And Joseph Joestar is the best Jojo because of what a shitty rowdy rowdy he is


I only have experience with the anime so far (but from what i hear i can’t wait to meet jolyne) so my order is 4 > 2 > 3 > 1.

Joesph is my favorite jojo because he is a rowdy goof boy.


I have mixed experience with JJBA so far. I’ve read some of Phantom Blood, am currently reading Steel Ball Run, and have watched all of the new anime (out of order) save for the Egypt half of Stardust Crusaders (though I binged the first half yesterday, so that will probably change by the end of the week).

So, 4 > 7 > 2 > 1 > 3 > everything else

A 90’s murder mystery with weird ass colors is going to win my heart every time. I’m glad I skipped ahead to Diamond is Unbreakable because the first three arcs are such slogs compared to it, I might have never reached it otherwise.


4 > 7 > 2 > 3 > 8(???) > 6 > 5 > 1 for overall parts but for individual Jojo as a character it goes:
2 > 4 > 7 > 6 > 8 > 3 > 5 > 1

8 really took off in the last year or so and went from “meh I guess it’s ok” to “seems p good!!”

My opinion with 5 might change if/when it gets animated though since I read it a zillion years ago and just remembered not liking it too much.


5 is really, really touch and go because the translation that’s out for it is just legitimately not that great so a lot of the characters come off as pretty flat. It has a lot of stuff to love though, because when the characters get their specific moments, or you have a tag-team match between two stands using their powers in tandem, the fights can get really good.


4=6 > 5 > 2 > 7 > 3 > 1. Leaving 8 out for now but so far it’d probably be between 7 and 3–it has some neat moments but it hasn’t really held me as well as some other parts.

Also Jolyne > Josuke > Joseph > Johnny > Jotaro (as a lead) = Giorno > Jonathan. I love part 5, and Giorno isn’t bad, but he’s definitely the least interesting member of his own crew. Jotaro, similarly, is fine and all, but gets much better in his later appearances.


hello i am an anime boy.

i think 2 > 4 > 1 > 3
but never mind. my favourite part is just… watching it for the first time from the start. i think going from towards the end of part 1 into part 2 is simply One Of The Best Things? by the time you see the opening titles for part 2 it’s just… that’s only been 10 episodes of anime my friends. what a ramp, what a journey it has been.

favourite episode(s) maybe d’arby the gambler but really anything where the focus is on one character for a long time & everything is getting more & more tense & they’re getting more & more paranoid until they completely lose it. that’s my good shit thank you.


The best JoJo is Gyro Zeppeli.


I like Giorno because you can very much see bits of Dio and bits of Jonathan shine through in his personality. I think the moment I realized I liked him was when he was willing to sacrifice himself to Soft Machine with no hesitation so that Bucciarati and Abbachio can figure out what is going on with it. At least so far, (I’m not done with part 5), he seems extremely driven and ruthless towards those who get in his way, but ultimately does things for the greater good.


That’s a good point–Giorno’s best moments are definitely stuff like that, when he pulls those unexpected/ruthless moves. I might have to reassess these rankings once I properly reread 5 (or watch it when the anime comes out)!


Watching Stardust Crusaders right now and I’m surprised at how much the anime itself seems more interested in Kakyoin and Polnareff than Jotaro. Like, he’s playing back-up in his own arc, he’s so outshined by his companions. He just turns up to supply a solution every now and then.

Maybe the Egypt arc is more Jotaro-centric?


Yeah this prediction sounds about right.

My opinion of part 4 improved greatly with the anime and given how action-centric part 5 is, I expect similar boosts in opinion. I actually think part 3 is slightly better in manga format for a lot of the monster-of-the-week format baddies but there are a few scenes in the show that are 100% worth it. That’s true for a lot of shonen though


You’re right to notice that, because that’s absolutely how it is. Part of it is just that Jotaro doesn’t really have a good gimmick outside of having a really OP stand. He’s not really a compelling character because he’s so stoic and is kind of a brooding teen, so a lot of the heavy lifting for Actually Being Interesting falls to just about everyone else in the cast. That part would have been really weird without Polnareff, Abdul, Kakyoin, and Joseph (and the real hero of this story, the Infinite Money Fortune Joseph has) carrying Jotaro along. I like to read him as kind of Bad At Social, which helps a lot in understanding him in later parts.


4 > 6 > 2 > 3 > 5 > 1

Diamond is Unbreakable and Stone Ocean switches places for me depending on which one is staring me in the face at the moment. I’ve gotten a few volumes into Steel Ball Run, but at the time of starting it and to this day the “Part 6 Depression” sunk its claws in too deep and I stopped. I should really get back on the horse and finish Part 7…


Nice phrasing. And yeah, Part 6 Depression is a really good way to phrase the mood I had going into 7 tbh.


The fact that his catch phrase is “good grief,” always makes me think of the get-no-breaks Charlie Brown, so Bad At Social is a read I agree with.

I was thinking something along those lines. In part 4, Jotaro’s quiet, brooding personality lends itself to his role within the story. He comes off as the mature, cool Jojo while Josuke is the teen that constantly gets into shenanigans that Jotaro is, to comedic effect, ignorant of as they happen because he’s busy adulting.