It's time. Favorite JJBA part/Jojo


Jotaro is too busy working on his Marine Biology thesis about starfish(?) to deal with like 85% of the shit Josuke is going through.


My favorite part was part 4 for the fact that the tone was a much needed breath of air coming from part 3. And hey, the parts Jobro doesn’t die!


I’m an anime-only baby for now so take this with a grain of salt but:


I recognize that 2 is much better than 1, but I really appreciate how subdued Phantom Blood is compared to everything that follows. I’m also told though that the anime makes Phantom Blood a lot more tolerable than it’s manga counterpart.


Phantom Blood was why I didn’t read the rest of Jojo for a year after someone told me about it (I think it was TBFP?). The anime does it a service by making something that isn’t all that fun to read, watchable. Honestly, the fact that there isn’t really Stands and so on make Part 1 and 2 of the anime pretty enjoyable since they’re both simple and classic martial arts stories about character growth as a result.


Surprising that no one stated 5 as their best. I absolutely love that part, it nailed down the road trip element of part 3 even better and is just a huge crazy journey through Italy. Bruno also is the best jojo char ever, he’s so majestic


I really like part 5, but I wish Giorno’s ambition, his goal, was a little stronger. It felt like as a result he took a backseat to Bruno. It just didn’t feel right to have the “JoJo” of the part not take the lead. Plus they didn’t really touch on Giorno’s past enough for me. Aside from that I really like Part 5. There are some really clever and memorable fights. I also really like a lot of the stands in Part 5. But in the end, for me, a passive JoJo just isn’t my jam.


I, perhaps oddly, actually greatly prefer the Phantom Blood manga to the anime counterpart.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still grateful for it, and there’s a lot about it that’s important and special. But there is simply so much wrong with the Phantom Blood manga that is just oozing with charm to me that the anime couldn’t capture the completely unintended nuance of. Maybe it’s unfair, because Phantom Blood for me is a story I really don’t know I can consume more than once, especially in knowing where Jojo ends up going, but there’s a spot in my heart forever for this panel in particular and that it wasn’t rendered improperly in the anime… it pains me.

lookit this guy


Givin’ ‘em the ol’ razzle dazzle


I haven’t experienced much JoJo past Part 4. And I’m only like halfway through 4 right now.

That being said…I fucking LOVE Diamond is Unbreakable!

Kira is so fucking compelling, and the FUCKING STAND DESIGNS! Stands have improved so much since Part 3. The new Stands are a major reason why I wish Jotaro wasn’t in Part 4, at all.

I mean, just look at these!

The new abilities, the introduction of the Stand Arrow, the new/modern aesthetics (I know it takes place in the 90’s, and Part 8 takes place now; but I think you know what I mean by “modern” in comparison to previous Parts).

And judging by what little I know about Part 5, I’m probably gonna love it even more.


4 > 7 > 6 > 2 > 5 > 3 > 1

There was definitely a long while where 4, 6, and 7 were all kinda equal in my mind but 4 is definitely the best now. I’m nearly up to date on 8 and if i had to put it somewhere here it’d be between 2 and 5 maybe. 8 has been a real disappointment honestly but maybe it’ll get better cause it’s far from done from what I can tell.


I am another anime-only watcher, but, for me, it’s 4 > 2 > 1 > 3, which is pretty close to a lot of other lists. I’m really looking forward to Part 5 and 6 since, if 4 was adapted, we can probably expect those to get added too? 7 sounds like it’d also be my thing.

The only reason I have 3 below 1 is that, at least in the anime version, I felt that Stardust Crusaders was really long, that Jotaro feels a little under-developed, and I didn’t gel hugely with any of the cast, which was a bad combination for keeping me really engaged through two-parters on minor characters. Totally fair to disagree with me on these points, but Part 1, while rocky, at least has brevity on its side.


This definitely changes as I continuously reread/watch each part over time (with 5 and 8 being my most recent) but it is so incredibly hard for me to choose what is the best JoJo part. I used to be able to pin it down easy but with each time I go back I find more to love. But I’ll give it a whirl…

4 = 6 > 7 = 1 > 5 > 8 > 3 = 2

A lot of these are so hard to rank against each other and 8 is so low because I don’t feel like I can judge it very well yet. May need to just wait until it’s finished.

Part 4’s themes of budhood and justice is something I just don’t feel in many other narratives. There have been days where I listen to Great Days on repeat just to feel better, and times where I rewatch fun episodes (1st Shigechi RP and Tonio).

But also part 6 hits me on the opposite end of the spectrum where I was emotionally smacked out of the park. I think this part asks the mosts fascinating questions about humanity and society.


There is definitely a pretty sizable chunk of Stardust Crusaders that could easily be montaged without actually missing much if any of the story. I actually don’t mind the beginning and the end, but the middle where it starts to fall into a monster-or-the-week sort of vibe with all the stand fights really ruins the pacing of the arc.

It didn’t really help Jotaro’s character either when at the end of the arc it turns out that Star Platinum and The World are essentially the exact same stand and up to that point his role is quite literally to be a deus ex machina most of the time. All the other characters felt very one note as well. They had some slight dimensions but it didn’t feel like they really went much of anywhere, ironically enough. Avdol and Polnareff were barely touched and Kakyoin’s stuff, what little there is, was all dealt with at the beginning. Joseph was relegated to being the joke character because he’d already had all his development in Part 2, etc.

Kind of kept me from actually enjoying the arc.


I think 100% the reason why I like 4 the most is because I love that small town murder mystery feel.

A common theme in mystery and horror media that uses suburbia or small towns as a setting, is how people who live in small towns think that they’re exempt from violent crimes like murder. Even when the statistics are right in front of them (e.g. when Koichi does research at the start and finds out that people in Morioh are getting hella murdered), they prefer to ignore it or simply don’t notice it. The idea that ‘nothing really happens here’ is prevalent, and so when Josuke finally has to confront the initial threat to Morioh and his family when Angelo shows up, he starts noticing that his town is actually pretty weird and dangerous.

The idea that someone like Kira could exist and thrive in a small community by keeping his head down and relying on polite small town mentalities to keep suspicion away from him is honestly really good and kind of terrifying, honestly.


I consider myself a pretty casual fan of this franchise for the most part. I didn’t find myself loving it until part 6. That’s the first one I felt really strongly about.

6 and 7>the rest for me. God they’re so good.


Can I claim Diego as my favourite jojo


Never finished 5 and on though, maybe someday.

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1.Steel Ball Run
2.Vento Aureo
3.Diamond is Unbreakable
4.Battle Tendency
5.Stardust Crusaders
6.Phantom Blood
7.Stone Ocean