It's Time To Move On From (Single Player) Valve

While I agree with Patrick’s (admittedly kind of self indulgent) article today about Valve & frustration, it sparked me to write a response piece that I hope could create a bit of discussion here. I think for those of us who love single player Valve, it’s time to remember their legacy and move on.

For the record, just want to say, the only Valve games I’ve played are the single player ones and definitely love the idea of a world in which they still made single player games. It’s just not where we’re at, and I think we need to accept that.

For reference, Patrick’s article:

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Honestly, I think even calling Valve a development company is kinda pushing it. Valve is like if a giant schoolyard of tinkerers announced they were going to do something every few years and then maybe one day actually released it. As a TF2 and Half-Life fan, it feels very much like I cannot trust valve to ever really stick to anything they say they’re going to do, even in regards to their multiplayer titles.

For the past 3 or 4 years, being a TF2 fan has meant waiting ages for very large updates that come extremely late, tend to feel they were revised multiple times and have no real polish despite their bloated development. I imagine that same kind of cycle is why Left 4 Dead 3 has yet to come out and Half Life 3 died on the vine. Valve at this points feels like a freelance writer that asks for three extensions on their article, each on the day they’re due, then turns something in with half the agreed upon length.

If Half Life happening? Is it not? We don’t know because their idea of media management is and always has been perfect radio silence. It feels impossible to get excited about anything involving Valve because they honestly don’t feel like a real company despite basically owning PC gaming.

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