It's Videogames not Video Games


i will not stand for this slander


I’m sorry, it’s video games and that’s the law. We don’t make the rules.


you are a mod, you literally make the rules


I’ll go with ludus electronicus. (°ε° )


actually, it’s vid eogames. haven’t you heard of it before?



isn’t enough characters to post WELL FINE


I thought it was agreed upon that they were to be referred to as Interactivities!?


This is the first time I’ve heard them called something other than gamesoft and I’m not sure what to think.


Strangely enough it’s Video Games, but then it’s Trideogames.


I’m German, and Germans always smash two (or more) words into one.

It’s Videogames.


My mom calls them the Nintendo actually.


It’s vidya james


it’s actually video_games, and you all owe me royalties


This is kind of a little known factoid but they were originally supposed to be called “dr_monocles” which is where I pulled my name from.

I’ll be accepting all of your apologies/homages now.


Is it G ilms or Gilms?


But is it video james or videojames?


It doesn’t matter since everyone is going to be calling them govies and gilms in the next 2 years.


You mean Interactive Picture Shows?


Please, Video Games is my father. Call me Videogames.


What is this blasphemy!?