I've Turned My iPhone into a Portable PS5 With This Rad Controller

No gaming device fits into my life the way the Switch does, but despite my best efforts at port begging, not every video game has—or will be—released there. But if a game isn't released on the Switch, the chances of me not finding time to play it exponentially increase. 

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This past Christmas my wife and I decided to go super small on gifts, mainly because I had previously spent on a Series X the month before and she treated herself to an equally expensive treat. But the present she got me, a $10 bracket for my phone and an Xbox controller, has genuinely improved my gaming routine. Now it’s easier to complete a few forts in AC Odyssey while I watch basketball or try to fall asleep for the night. That being said, it feels like the custom controllers like Patrick is talking about are way overpriced if you have an existing PS or Xbox controller. Just grab a cheapie bracket and you’re off to the races!

Also, messing around with Stadia on my iPhone has been a really solid experience. Really can’t wait for Microsoft to get xcloud working on iOS.

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He’s flirted with it for years but 2021 is the year Patrick becomes my dad and starts getting extremely excited about gizmos. How many lumens is your TV? Tell me about your new vice grip.


I went with a new controller instead of a bracket because I was hoping to use my 7" tablet instead of my phone. It’s working reasonably well for me, but I agree that the brackets seem great if you are planning to use your phone.

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Something I don’t understand is how the Backbone is different from other controller grips/cases for phones that have been on the market for years.


Based on the article, nothing. The unique thing about the Backbone is that Patrick owns one and that PS5 remote play now exists.


Ah, okay. I’m going to go get some books from the library, for free.