J.J. Abrams Is The New Director of Star Wars: Episode IX, Delayed to December

J.J. Abrams, who launched a new era of Star Wars with The Force Awakens in 2015, is returning to complete the sequel trilogy as writer and director of Star Wars: Episode IX. Abrams will co-write the film with Chris Terrio. Star Wars: Episode IX will be produced by Kathleen Kennedy, Michelle Rejwan, Abrams, Bad Robot, and Lucasfilm.

The film has also been shifted to December 20, 2019.

I mean, Abrams is a better choice than the Book of Henry guy.

I don’t particularly hate Abrams. I just wish they chose someone new and unexpected. Like picking Rian Johnson to direct Last Jedi. The producers don’t need to get wild and hire Gaspar Noe. But a SW movie helmed by Ava DuVernay or Denis Villeneuve could be amazing.

Abrams again, at least to me, feels like when you’re in a fight about where to eat for dinner, but because no one compromises on a choice everyone goes with what’s familiar. (And probably already have a good relationship with and, hey, this restaurant knows their stuff.)


They don’t, but I would be waaaaayyyyy down to watch a Noe version of Star Wars. And by way down, I mean terribly uncomfortable the entire time. Imagine if he chronicled Anakin’s fall to the Dark Side. Yikes.

Abrams. Not a big fan. I feel like his movies don’t hold up to repeat viewings because everything is about chasing his mystery box.

Edit: I didn’t know how badly I wanted a Lars von Trier Star Wars movie until this moment. Make a bunch of super weird Star Wars stuff.


If we’re going into fantasy Star Wars movie time I want a movie about Jabba’s rise to power directed by Guillermo Del Toro.


I enjoyed the breif period of hoping for absolutely buck-wild picks like David Lynch or George Lucas, but I’m hella fine with Abrams. Force Awakens was incredible and I recon having him back to bring this trillogy home will make for a better narrative between the three films.


Is this a totally inappropriate topic to start ‘fantasy booking’ Star Wars directors?

Takashi Miike, doing any movie with a Sith Focus.

Chan-wook Park, make that Cade Skywalker business.

Wes Anderson, Padawan coming of age, some kind of heist. Think of all the weird people that would be Jedi, and how delightfully quirky you could have this movie be.


I wish I could make all of your suggestions real!

None of the “weird stuff” even has to come at the expense of more “traditional” stuff. But I really liked Rogue One, despite its flaws, because of how different it was to other SW movies (though it had some commonalities with stories told in other media, like comics). So, yeah, I’m on the same page: I’d love to see more risk-taking to let creators tell more diverse SW stories.

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The Force Awakens is my favourite Star Wars flick ever, so I’m not averse to its director returning. Yeah I know he reused plot/visual elements from A New Hope. I just don’t care because TFA is a way better movie.

EDIT: Also because most of it wasn’t straight-up reuse, with nearly every homage or callback having a subversion or commentary of some kind.


“Lars von Trier Slated to Direct Upcoming Star Wars Trilogy Under Working Title ‘Nymphomaniac: Part 3’”


Yeah, I agree that that was the best thing TFA did. Hopefully Abrams brings more of that into the third movie, too.

And he’d better not divide us by failing to cast Shia LaBeouf!

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Abrams seems super boring for what was a kind of exciting void in the production staff.

Like, I don’t think he’s bad, but I literally watch every one of the dude’s films once and say “that was nice” then never see it or want to see it again. He feels like he does a serviceable job but doesn’t come even close to capturing what makes the classics he handles classics.

EDIT: Ah shit, I totally got confused. This isn’t about the Star Wars movie that the other director recently stepped off of. It’s hard to keep all these dang Star Wars movies straight. I still feel the same way about Abrams, though.

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Right now, a lot of SW fans under the GLBTQIA umbrella are reading your comment and thinking, “Yeah, if only.”

OMG, a Star Wars movie directed by Gregg Araki. I know a lot of people hate it, but The Doom Generation is underrated.

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I feel like they just need to do a big raffle where every filmmaker can throw in their names and then we just distribute the next 25 star wars movies that way. It would be like the NBA draft lottery with everyone hoping to get the Qui Gon Jinn prequel, only for it to end up in the hands of Uwe Boll or Tommy Wisseau.

Pixar getting to make a fascinating coming of age story about Yoda spanning 5 movies because he’s over 900 years old.


I personally don’t mind if the main movies remain pretty standard fare, even if I am a little bit disappointed there’s nothing new coming to the table this time around. To build on @SnowCrashed’s analogy: Abrams’ work might be the Pizza Hut of Star Wars’ potential, but hey, I don’t mind Pizza Hut. I’ll eat there when I’m too lazy to cook.

On the topic of “fantasy directors”, though, I’d really like to see more side story movies directed by people who work in different genres/mediums altogether; pull in the director from Prince of Egypt and Brave, Brenda Chapman, or the one who did the Madagascar movies and Boss Baby, Tom McGrath. Hell, pull in Yeon Sang-ho (Train to Busan) or Jamie Babbit (But I’m A Cheerleader!). Tap some TV talent and look at Ragnar Bragason (Naeturvaktin and Dagvaktin) or Shonda Rhimes (she’s Shonda Rhimes, you know who she is).

I’d watch any of their treatments of the Star Wars universe in a heartbeat, if only because they’d feel completely fresh and new.

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Inspired. Thinking back on the sand scene from Attack of the Clones, if someone told me Wisseau directed that, I wouldn’t be terribly surprised.


God, if they ever made a traditionally animated Star Wars movie, Hayao Miyazaki would be perfect. Rey already has a few elements of San and Nausicaä, and you’d get a morally complex villain to boot.

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Or The dialogue in episode 3.

“Release The Ray shields!!!”

“Ray shields.”

God, that movie sucked so bad.

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The Tartakovsky cartoon was really nice. Imagine allowing it to be more than a bunch of vignettes.

I’m really enjoying this fantasy world. Give me that Thrawn and Mara Jade while I’m dreaming.


Took the words right out of mouth…err…keyboard. You took them from the keyboard…or my fingers?

I had a conversation with a friend right after Abrams was announced and I even suggested DuVernay and Villeneuve especially since both are putting out sci-fi and fantasy projects relatively soon. It just kinda feels like a missed opportunity and I’m worried that Disney is just looking to play it too safe after this shakeup and the Lord and Miller episode with the Han Solo movie.


What about Wes Anderson’s Mos Eisley Cantina?