J.J. Abrams Is The New Director of Star Wars: Episode IX, Delayed to December


Werner Herzog directs.

The Death Star returns and is feeling glum about its existence as an expression of limitless destruction but also recognizes its ability to erase the scourge of self destructive sapient life from the galaxy forever. Initially the DS wrestles with this responsibility but is comfortable eradicating nascent sentient species with surgical precision as the credits roll.


Has Wes Anderson ever done something that wasn’t about people in at least upper middle class? The Cantina seems a little more rough and tumble than I can remember seeing from him. Even Fantastic Mr Fox seemed at least middle class.

Give me Darren Aronofsky doing the various creation myths of the Jedi and Sith orders, interposed on a battle meditation taking place as a cruiser skirts the event horizon of a black hole.

Thought: Paul Verhoeven directs an in universe propaganda film for the Empire, a la Starship Troopers.


it was a long trip to get here but I’ve got no complaints. It’s not like I really go to starwars for bold directorial visions, it seems like a project where the work is all cut out for them. let the auteurs make their own movies. and apparently some of the weirder Marvel movies I say.


He’ll do. Would have liked them to take a chance and expand their visual lexicon, but I guess this is one they won’t take that much of a chance on with a different kind of director.


I quite agree with that. My favourite example of that is Kylo Ren, a character who first appears to be a Darth Vader stand in but then goes on to be one of the more interesting villains of the series by being a hopelessly out of his depth child, basically.


I’m fine with Abrams, especially after that clickbait link circulated claiming Whedon was going to helm Episode IX.

It might be kind of an out-there pick, but I think Duncan Jones would have done Ep. IX up right. But I also loved Warcraft in all its big, dumb glory, so that might be more of a personal choice.

I would love an Edgar Wright helmed Star Wars project, but I honestly have no idea what that would look like.

I keep coming back to the idea of a heist movie? But we already got Rogue One, and Wright only just released Baby Driver a couple months back.


I think the Joss Whedon clickbait articles were generated solely to make whoever they actually ended up picking seem like a reasonable choice. Abrams did fine with TFA, and I think having the same director will be good for continuity/coherency’s sake.

One of the nice things about the anthology stuff is that it does make it easy to fantasize about potential directors. I would love to see an animated Star Wars feature film, for one.


That Clone Wars Anime film was belting, vivid memories of Obi-Wan’s udnerwater fight, Mace Windu singlehandedly fucking up an army and the Republic Commandos being the fucking BEST. Gorgeous thing. Well up for more like that.


Paul Verhoven presents Emperor Palpatine’s Aleksandr Nyevski


This seems fairly unsurprising to me, given how well Episode VII was received and, in all likelihood, the breakneck pace at which Marvel wants these movies shipped. The tightness of the schedule does not leave much free time to go actively cast new directors, I would imagine. I’m not someone who can pick up a strong style from Abrams, so I’m not sure if I should feel strongly about this or not.


I’m a little concerned. I don’t think it’s at all unfair to say that JJA is know for fun beginnings and not know for good endings.