Jack and Casie - Inventory Action Game


Jack and Casie is a game about Jack, a trash can/microwave/storage portal and Casie, a cat-eared surveyor, on a quest to the distant capital.

The unique twist to this game is that the inventory is the weapon/item selection, leading to frantic weapon and cooking juggling from the stream of weapons and odds and ends picked off the ground.

It also helps that the game includes a catchy soundtrack and absolutely great pastel look, even for the prototype version. The game is currently on Kickstarter with a playable demo version that’s totally worth the hour-ish to play through.


Resident Evil 4 inventory management as a game? Yes, please. I’ve always enjoyed inventory management about fitting items into slots and making a game around it is brilliant. I’ll have to check out the demo later.


i love this concept!!! and the art is so good!