Jackbox and Other Play-Along Stream Games


I figured it would be a good idea to have a dedicated thread for people looking to host or play along with games that people can join through a twitch (or similar site) stream, so this is it!

For those who don’t know, a few years ago, Jackbox (formerly Jellyvision games, of You Don’t Know Jack fame) created a multiplayer party game called Fibbage. It was a simple bluffing game, and a damn good time, but the really neat thing about it was that while you hosted it on a TV through a game console like any other videogame, you actually played it by going to a website on your phone (or tablet, or laptop, anything with a web browser). This served as a great way to get more people into the game, since you didn’t have to worry about owning enough controllers (as basically everybody owns a smart phone now) or having to teach people who don’t normally play games how to play (as basically everybody who owns a smart phone knows how to use the internet).

It was a simple innovation for playing games in the living room with the family or with a diverse group at a party, but it accidentally stumbled upon another innovation: Because all someone needed to play along was access to a web browser, and the ability to see and hear the TV, the game worked decently well when hosted over a stream. Two more individual games and three game collections later, Jackbox has fully embraced the new streaming audience they fell ass-backwards into, with a fourth(!) Jackbox Party Pack recently announced to come out later this year.

Joining a game is simple: Once someone’s hosting a game, start watching the stream, and then go to Jackbox.tv on your phone (or second monitor, or whatever), enter in a name and a four letter code, and boom, you’re in.

Hosting a game is also simple, provided you already know how to stream. Just, y’know, post a link to your stream in this thread when you want to do the thing.

I figure this can also just serve as a general discussion for games of this type, but I don’t know how many of those there actually are. I know Telltale’s Batman does something neat with stream voting, but I haven’t played it myself.

I’ll also probably be hosting some games myself in the near future, but I definitely wanted to get this thread up ASAP, since the sooner Waypoint folks can start playing together, the better.


I love the Jackbox games, while I dont really stream them they are really great for parties and groups of people who don’t think they are into video games.

There is another game called Use Your Words that has a similar format but has some really interesting games. I first heard about it on the Co-Optional Podcast:

Seems like it’s something worth checking out if you’re into that kind of social gaming experience:

Use Your Words on Steam


Oh I love these! Quiplash and TKO are my favorites, I’ll for sure join in if people are playing.

When waypoint launched and they did that 72 hour stream event I got into their drawful game and managed to produce this masterpiece

the word was paranoid


I’d never heard of YYW before. Neat!


yes yes yes Trivia Murder Party is a much-loved drinking game in my flat. I’ve also been waiting for the day I can finally justify buying this beautiful shirt that someone built in Tee KO out of a slogan and drawing I contributed