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James Cameron’s Avatar: The Mobile Game


Released to mobile platforms in late 2009 to coincide with the theatrical release of James Cameron’s Avatar: The Movie, James Cameron’s Avatar: The Mobile Game is a 3D platformer. The game follows a new character, Ryan Lorenz, in events that take place 20 years before the film. Other memorable characters in the story include the villainous Major Cage. James Cameron’s Avatar: The Mobile Game was developed by Gameloft, the developers behind Despicable Me: Minion Rush.

The game features a virtual on-screen joystick and buttons that allow players to easily control their character during the many platforming elements, while also providing them with enough precision to unleash some of the many weapons and combat combos.
-James Cameron’s Avatar: The Fan Wikia


  • James “Jimmy Boy” Cameron hard at work in the game studio (circa 2009)

The game is no longer available for purchase from app stores, but still runs on modern devices for those who bought the game when it was available

Much like the hit blockbuster smash hit film it was based on, James Cameron’s Avatar: The Mobile Game was no stranger to critical accolades. Mobile Gaming site TouchMyApps declared “Yes, it really is THAT good” and gave the game a coveted score of “Kiss It”. IGN.com raved "7.8 out of 10".
With the recent news of James Cameron’s Avatar 2: The Sequel being pushed back to 2020, the world of Pandora is really heating up. Now is the perfect time to reflect on this little piece of gaming history.

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