James Gunn Fired as Director of 'GotG Vol. 3'


It was Michael Ian Black, but it’s hard to make that stick when he a.) is not scared, and b.) basically has no network deals to protect.

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Ah yes, the rubix cube guy from VH1.

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Just throwing this out there to the people thinking this won’t have a trickle down effect, the Waypoint crew has done stuff with Disney and if you don’t think this isn’t going to paint a bigger target on them if they make more content for their TV channel you are sadly mistaken.


I just want to say, I’m so angry about all of this. I mean the state of the world at the moment is one thing, how we let a fascist enabling windbag go on a moment longer, but the way the alt-right are bleeding into everything else. I can’t talk about Star Wars with my best friend anymore because my outright love of TLJ is matched only by his outright hate. I mean… it’s Star Wars but at least we still had Guardians… Two movies we could agree on being great and a third movie was bound to be as good.

James Gunn’s tweets were awful, tasteless but indicative of online behaviour I’ve seen a great number of people use around this time. I don’t think I’d want to see my social media updates from 10 years ago, but over recent years Gunn has definitely grown as a person and realised that by having as big a social following as he does that he does have to administer responsibility in everything he says. Seeing the Disney higher ups be so easily manipulated by an alt-right circus is the scariest thing about this. The ringleader of which has actually been charged with rape in the past, boggles my mind completely. It sets a dangerous precedent for these kind of movements to come after anybody they judge as being mid to left of the spectrum. This coming so soon after the Arena Net fiasco.

And yet Disney have been making greater attempts for their films to be more representative (especially Star Wars) and maybe challenge the status quo (okay especially Star Wars).

Furthermore, what those Guardians movies have been about, a bunch of losers coming to terms with their flaws to do better is the reason those movies have been so loved by their audiences. His movie before Guardians was Super, which is like a complete polar opposite in sentiment. Those movies have heart which is something we need more of these days. I’m sure another director could come in and do a fine job of Guardians 3 but maaan.

I’m so tired of this all. I guess they’ll be going after Kathleen Kennedy next.

Fuck the alt-right. I just feel we are caught up in the circles. This thing happens, everyone is up in arms about it and are vocal about it online. There has to be a more legitimate means of combatting these kinds of campaigns. If it were a smaller business, you could deny partnerships with them but because it’s Disney they are unmatched. I would hope the actors came out and refuse to do the film without James Gunn, but I guess contractually they’re tied to starring in however many films. How great would it be that all the guardians threaten to walk if James Gunn isn’t rehired? Real life heroism and one hell of a marketing stunt for Guardians 3.


Marginalized groups + creators are already being targeted at a higher rate and will continue to be targeted at a higher rate, regardless of what happens to Gunn.

The amount of people treating this as “The line that should never be crossed at all costs!” just tells me how much more people care about rich white guys keeping their jobs, than giving those jobs to people belonging to marginalized groups and protecting them. I’m paraphrasing director Lexi Alexander here, who got driven off twitter yesterday, because she made the same point.


I’d argue this makes things worse because this current campaign, which is now being put against pretty much every comedian on twitter now who hates Trump, is a good way for these scum buckets to recruit new people into the fold as both a publicity stunt and show of power. It’s like all these various “gate” campaigns except now against mainstream targets, which might net a wider number of potential recruits.


It might net a wider number of potential recruits, but it also might turn other people off. Just because the alt-right gets it right sometimes, doesn’t mean that people will start rallying behind them the next time they do it. This just feels a lot bigger than all the other instances it happened, precicely because the target is a rich white guy who’s also a liberal darling.


Alex Jones this morning has been going on using the same language he did when he started the pizzagate conspiracy shit, which inspired an actual shooting, to get people to feel that Robert Mueller is “so powerful he forces people to watch him rape kids” and that he fantasizes about someone shooting Mueller…

…you were about to ask why this is on topic but his expert guest on this subject is Cernovich.


Colin just brought up an interesting aspect of this, that didn’t cross my mind before:


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