Jandals or Thongs?

  • Jandals
  • Thongs

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it’s one or the other, friends


:musical_note: Jammin’ sandals :musical_note:


flip flop isn’t an option, poll is invalid


Jandals. New Zealand is correct.


sorry, the poll doesn’t allow me to set an option to flip flop between choices


i had to google what jandal was, but if i showed a picture of either to anyone they’d say it’s a flip flop so


I’m…um…out of my depth here (and from NJ) so I voted Jandals cause I don’t like calling them thongs. I don’t have a problem with thongs per se, but…I dunno…


was gonna say flip flops, but given the available choices, jandals is the way to go. Thongs are something else. It would not be pleasant to put a flip flop in the place where thongs go.


what the fuck is a flip flop


Sisqó’s 1999 hit “Thong Song” is not about footwear of any kind, so I’m going to have to go with jandals here.


we call em slippers here so





ngl given the lack of the correct option i voted thong in honor of sisqo’s fine pop music hit


where is ‘here’ because what


It’s a chinelo, or a slop.


Waypoint is a waking nightmare?!


Wherever “here” is, you should probably stop being there.


oh so it’s a type of stew


i mean it sounds like it could be a rad place i just need to know because then what are slippers called there


The correct answer is obviously thongs.

As an Australian I feel under-represented. :frowning: