Jason Schrier's Anthem piece for kotaku is done and out, it's a doozy


According to Schreier, Fallen Order has been in development since before Respawn was fully acquired by EA back in 2017. So any pressures Bioware might have felt from EA in that regard would likely not have been as prominent toward a then-partnered developer.


Respawn also saved EA’s fiscal quarter and they know they couldn’t fuck with fallen order without missing the time table they wanted to hit. Plus, after apex they’re probably allowed to do almost whatever they want.


I imagine it’s probably similar to how Symone Sanders (press secretary of the 2016 Bernie Sanders campaign) said she often chastised campaign staffers to talk to her and not the press. It’s not so much that Schreier’s piece was a “hit piece” on anyone in particular as it is that companies don’t like to have dirty laundry of any kind escape to the press.

More broadly, it seems to me like it’s time for BioWare to take a serious inventory of their issues and how to solve them (I just went through this experience with my employer). I just hope that if/when Casey Hudson goes to EA management with his fixes that EA will hear him out and not steal his programmers for FIFA again.


Yeah, I’m sure there are legit reasons why Respawn is making it. It was more of an existential complaint on my part.