Jazz-Warriors Series


Is it me or is this series going to be great? I got a feeling the Jazz will push it to 7.


I don’t usually follow basketball during the regular season, but I’m really looking forward to watching some of these games. Both teams are incredibly exciting to watch.


It’s weird, but as a Clippers fan I hope you’re right. They play with the same type of energy that the Clippers did when they first got good again. It’s fun to see young teams play underdog.


Its going to be Warriors in 5.

Hayward is going to get shut down by the combination of Klay/Durant/Andre. This will force the Jazz to relay on the Gobert-Hill pick an roll for offense.

Now I still think the Jazz will win one game in Utah but otherwise, the Dubs are going to make it look fairly easy.


Man I was so wrong! Looking like Warriors may sweep!


Warriors gon’ sweep. The Jazz just aren’t ready. Maybe next year.


Watching this game tonight and missing Stockton to Malone.


So I genuinely thought that this thread was about an upcoming Musuo game in the Warriors franchise that was about Jazz. That sounded cool to me.


I don’t want to tell you I told you so. Just remember that the Jazz are going to be great, but they need Exum to develop into a 6th man that can play at either guard spot.


Yeah you called it! BTW I’m not a Jazz fan, I just thought it would be a good series.


Haha, well I think we can all agree basketball is better off when we get competitive series that go 6 or 7 games.


This is actually why I’m so bummed by KD joining the Warriors. It dampens most of the playoff. We know who’s going to win. It takes away the chance for a surprise. At best I’m hoping for a 5 game series with the Cavs.


If the Jazz can keep Gordon Hawyward I could see them making some noise in the next couple years. They’ve got a nice young core (and sneaky old Joe Ingles)