Jazztronauts! A game where you heist garbage for omnidimensional cats

Jazztronauts is a new gamemode for Garry’s Mod from the makers of Elevator: Source.

These cats have hired you to venture to maps on the Garry’s Mod workshop and steal every prop that’s not nailed down, everything that is nailed down, the nails, and the level geometry they were nailed to. Between heists you relax at their bar where you turn your trash into cash, take on quests to find specific props to steal, and get to know your employers better with a visual novel section.

The game can be played alone or online. Keep in mind that progress is saved on the server/host so if you want to see the story with a group of friends you should have one person be the host for every session.

Jazztronauts on the Steam Workshop
Jazztronauts on GitHub for those that live on the wild side and install their own mods


i’ve spent maybe a couple of hours on it? i feel it might very quickly get on someone’s nerves if i’m honest but luckily for me i’m having a good time with it. also it’s Correct

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I don’t know how people come up with these ideas but this one is utterly fantastic