'Jedi: Fallen Order' Is an Exploration Game That Discourages Exploration

I really like Fallen Order. So much that at one point, I was convinced I’d be 100%’ing it, but I’ve had to accept that likely won’t happen. I’m going to be bummed when it’s all over, but it’s also a game fighting me in strange and frustrating ways, a game that’s encouraging me to explore every nook and cranny of its world, but in the same breath, fighting that impulse.

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So much plot progression follows the path you take as well. There’s an early game moment where you walk into a boss fight outside your ship. It would negate the whole affair if you could just fast travel to the ship.

I wonder if there’s good landmarks to trigger a possible fast travel though? Like, there are a couple planets that I can already feel as if I’m not going back unless there’s a plot reason to. Perhaps they could activate it with a narrative hook like, “We finally mapped this planet.” Or something…

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That would be potentially tough to script, but it would be a good idea. Maybe if they get another bite at the apple they’ll include it.

I think the cleanest way to do it is make fast travel a late game upgrade. Call it something like “Astral Projection” or something, make it three points, and only unlock after the story is finished.


Yeah, something like this probably makes the most sense. Or in a sequel, build it into the story that you unlock some sort of ability to teleport (make up some sci-fi/fantasy Force nonsense reason). I’m reminded of Dark Souls when you eventually unlock the ability to teleport between bonfires, but it’s a mid-late game ability unlock. It should also be noted that they then decided to just give you fast travel right away in all the sequels.

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Rebels made time travel and what could basically be teleportation canon so it shouldn’t be a problem.


Ahh shit, I need to finish it.

I feel all these frustrations Patrick is feeling in this piece. Half-way through, I for sure wanted to explore the whole game 100%, but after beating it, it seems too tedious and confusing to do that. I also understand the issues you could encounter with fast traveling, but I think something similar to how Dark Souls/Bloodborne handles it would do nicely.

I remember (specifically in Bloodborne, I can’t remember off the top of my head if Dark Souls does this too) if there’s a boss or a story beat in an area you have fast travel access to, it will temporarily lock off that fast travel point, so you have to travel to it, and experience it in that natural way. I feel like something like that may fit Fallen Order pretty nicely, but I could be wrong.


I, like Patrick, also feel like the game is fighting me, but in my case, it’s the Dark Souls part, not the Metroid part. Getting rhythmically bashed by three melee enemies while simultaneously being sniped from a platform by a rocket launcher isn’t fun the first time and it’s even less fun the fifth time.

Scuttlebutt is that Fallen Order started out a lot more Souls-like before scaling back, and I wish they had just gone all the way. It would be significantly better with Arkham (or, even better, Shadow of Mordor) combat.

(PS the lack of fast travel wouldn’t be as annoying if the map wasn’t a completely unreadable piece of shit.)

One thing I wanted to bring up, that I’m surprised no one has mentioned before, is, throughout all the talk for this game, it’s been compared to both Darks Souls and Metroid (for good reason), but the whole time I was playing it, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the God of War games. I feel like that’s a much more apt description of this game. Whether or not the combat and traversal has dashes of DS and Metroid in it, it feels like this game has God of War in it’s blood.


Seeing as the game director previously directed God of War 3, that would certainly make some sense!

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Yo, why these purge troopers so horny for pain?


Man, all those double-jump spots that look like you should be able to make them with just a single jump are complete bullshit. I guess I’ll be looking up a walkthrough to figure out where I can get all the make-this-game-not-a-pain-in-the-ass abilities. This game is a strong argument for just making a goddamned linear goddamned game instead of trying to shoehorn everything into the Soulstroid format.

(Also, fuck respawning enemies when you rest and the sloppy attack animations that make parries annoying to pull off.)


I agree. I’m on Kashyyyk (second time) right know and it feels as if the developers would have rather wanted to make a standard linear game like the force unleashed, than a half-assed, I’m sorry but I don’t know what else to call this, Metroidvania/Soulsborne game.
The main reason I think that respawning enemies after you rest are annoying here, but vital to the FromSoftware game is that, besides the bare-bones skill-tree, there is no character progression. I felt similar during Sekiro, but there the really awesome, smooth feeling combat made up for it. The combat in Fallen Order though, is simply a lesser Sekiro.

I don’t want to rant about the game too much though, because I am nonetheless enjoying it (the Star Wars scenario helps, no doubt) and I think it’s clear, that there is a fantastic game somewhere in there that has to come out eventually, if Respawn continues to develop this type of game.

But right now, in every aspect, besides the graphics and sound-design, the game is imo “just ok”. I hope they have at least taken the time, to not bring the already “meh” story to a rushed conclusion. Depending on how much game is left, I fear that the narrative will go from utterly forgettable to outright bad.


I gotta say, as someone who has been playing this game on the hardest difficulty, the responsiveness on some of the button presses is REALLY poor. I can’t count how many times I’ve pressed the ‘BB’ button for health, to have Cal snap his fingers and go ‘HELP BB’ only for nothing to happen. It gets really frustrating when you’re trying to play carefully, and the responsiveness just doesn’t help you at all.

I’m also on what I think is the final boss, and I have to say, I absolutely HATE bullshit one hit kill attacks. The 2nd Sister’s little ZOOM ahead and force choke you to zero health is bullshit, it will always be bullshit, and those who design games with one hit kill attacks in souls like games should be put in jail.



Yes, I am very salty.

Edit- Ok, I beat it. No big deal.


I turned the difficulty down to “Story” at the penultimate boss fight and, despite trivializing the last little chunk of the game, I think that was the right choice. The bosses are tuned harder than the encounters.


I’m on Zeffo for the second time, and I think I’m done with this fucking game. It’s just so unresponsive. It’s too fucking easy to stunlock yourself, the timing and range on force slow for the platforming sections is just weird, parry frames are never at the part of the enemy attack where you think they should be. (I’m playing on Normal, for reference.) I’ve never played Dark Souls, but Bayonetta and Dragon’s Dogma are two of my favourite games, and I don’t have problems like this in the combat in either of those. And the exploration just plain sucks compared to the modern Tomb Raider games. Everything this game tries to do has been done way better by other games. If it wasn’t a non-Battlefront Star Wars, this would be a 6/10.


Not to drag up old posts, but I just beat the game so I’m going to anyway. They could have easily done fast travel in this game, because, ya know the force witch does it all the time. She’s teleporting all over the damn place. I don’t care if it doesn’t fit in the lore or whatever, but I’m tires of running around. They better figure it out for next game. Also? I want to be a force witch. More weird force stuff in the future, please.


Hell, they could have used the weird time travel space that Ezra falls into in Rebels.

It would have made sense for Fast travel, and for the reason the enemies keep respawning:

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