Jedi: Fallen Order


A story trailer for the new Respawn Star Wars game, Jedi: Fallen Order, just dropped:

Looks like they are playing ‘safe’ with the main character design. I’m sure the actor is very talented, but the character looks like a High School Space-Quarterback from Space-Nebraska. I was hoping for better representation tbh. Or you know, they could have gone with one of the thousands of sentient alien species! Canon hero Jedi Rodian?? The mentor at least is a female POC (10 bucks she will be fridged), as is the main antagonist.

Naturally the comments on the Kotaku article are already full of Alt-White types defending the choice and insulting trans people.

Not much to say about the story really, I think it’s pretty much what everyone expected. Another Jedi survived the purge. At this point, it feels like there are more Jedi after the purge than before it!

I’m curious about the game, but kind of disappointed with the character design so far. Looking forward to seeing some gameplay. Supposedly it’s single-player only, no microtransactions, and built on UE4.

EDIT: Oh, I didn’t notice he was ginger until just now. That also makes the Archie comment below even better! His hair looked blonde or brown to me initially. As a ginger myself that’s a little neat, but it still is no replacement for actual representation.


I was hoping for a created protagonist tbh. I know we only really come to expect that from RPGs at this point but remember when Jedi Academy did that and it was great that you didnt have to just play as a white dude jedi in a shooter?

that would have been cool.

Edit: The writing staff and the nods toward the Jedi Knight series have me interested but they just picked Blandy McBlandface as a protag and that sucks.


i cant believe archie andrews is a jedi now


Jedi Academy and I guess the MMOs are the only games I can think of where you can be an alien. It’s normal for humans to want to be humans, I guess, but it’s a bit sad. I’d enjoy a game about one of those orange guys with three eyes who throw grenades all the time in Jedi Outcast.


Yeah, being able to pick your own character would be even better. With facial mocap being such a big thing now though I feel like character creation is going out of style for these more cinematic type games (not that it ever really was in style).

I usually pick human characters tbh, but I’m getting bored of that now. I wish Star Wars would leverage its weirdness a bit more these days. And also bring back its politics. The first two trilogies were anti-imperialist war movies - George Lucas has openly said Palpatine was based on Nixon, and that the Empire was the USA during the Vietnam War. The prequels were all about how democracies can fall apart by playing on the fears of citizens. That’s a whole other topic though.


I really can’t be interested in any of this until I see gameplay. I remember Battlefront 2 looking interesting too with its female protagonist of color who was an Imperial too just to shake things up further. And then the story being the most pointless boring slapped together bullshit imaginable. I can imagine a writer coming up with a dozen interesting ideas and his or her boss saying “how do we make it all forgettable instead?”


I’m excited for it solely based on the idea of Respawn and Chris Avellone getting to play around with Star Wars.

If the people who made Titanfall get to play around with a setting where it’s a given that people can do cool acrobatic stuff using space magic I’m all in.


Aside from the easiest dunking on the white guy protag, there isn’t really much to say yet. I dunno, it’s Star Wars


The last single player Star Wars games I played were the Force Unleashed games. My hopes aren’t particularly high right now.


The trailer shows a lot of wall-running, mobility stuff. Is this going to be Effect and Cause but with force powers? I don’t have a problem with that per se, but I wonder how well-received Fallen Order will be if it feels similar to Apex, which already feels like a more limited version of the Titanfall 2 moveset.

As for the rest of the trailer, it’s Star Wars. My feelings about Star Wars change daily. Right now I think that there are no good Star Wars movies, so I might be ready for another big Star Wars game.


Hmmm, something tells me this isn’t gonna be the spiritual successor to Jedi Outcast I want. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think this game is going to be too modern AAA polished for the kind of movement and animation-based lightsaber combat of the Jedi Knight games.


I’m optimistic since Titanfall 2 had one of the best campaigns of any shooter in the current console generation, and we’re starved for any new Star Wars games at all these last few years.

SWTOR is still being updated, but aside from that, this will be the first non-Battlefront, non-mobile Star Wars game to come out since the EA exclusivity deal. Which is still really weird to think about.


Some details from Microsoft’s store page:

● Cinematic, Immersive Combat – Jedi: Fallen Order delivers the fantasy of becoming a Jedi through its innovative lightsaber combat system – striking, parrying, dodging - partnered with a suite of powerful Force abilities you’ll need to leverage to overcome obstacles that stand in your way. This combat system is intuitive to pick up, but takes training and practice to fully master its nuances as you gain new powers and abilities along your adventure.

● A New Jedi Story Begins - As a former Padawan on the run from the Empire, you must complete your training before Imperial Inquisitors discover your plan to revive the Jedi Order. Aided by a former Jedi Knight, a cantankerous pilot, and a fearless droid, you must escape the evil machinations of the Empire in a story-driven adventure. Explore and overcome a wide range of challenges focused on combat, exploration, and puzzle-solving.

● The Galaxy Awaits - Ancient forests, windswept rock faces, and haunted jungles are all unique biomes you’ll explore in Jedi: Fallen Order, with the freedom to decide when and where you go next. As you unlock new powers and abilities, opportunities open up to re-traverse maps in new ways; leveraging the Force to augment the way you explore. Move quickly, however, as the Empire is actively hunting your every step in their effort to exterminate all remnants of the Jedi Order.

I’m not all that interested in the story or main character this has, but Respawn’s shown that they can make an incredible single player campaign so I’m excited.


I haven’t played Titanfall, but I keep hearing good things about it and that is the main reason I have some optimism about this game. That, and I understand Apex Legends has some good representation as well, which is also comforting.


Seventh Sister was one of the best parts of Rebels. I’m glad to see she’s going to be expanded upon here. I am hoping that’s her, but truthfully it could be another Inquisitor.

No joke, that finale with Maul from Rebels resonated with me more than TFA, though I loved TFA.


Why is someone on the run and hiding from the empire doing sick lightsaber combat? Ditch that obvious-ass laser sword and use your supernatural reflexes to become a pilot or something.


Yeah, like the OP, I am also pretty disappointed with how safe they went for the main protagonist. Especially given the increased amount of representation we are getting in the cinematic universe. It makes the choice stand out even more.

I do like the idea of the main characters inner struggle to fight his instincts to use his abilities to do the right thing. I think it could be used to great effect if done right. It’s a good dilemma for a Jedi to confront. However, it could also get old pretty quickly if we don’t actually see the main character actually grappling with the inner conflict his situation causes.

Respawn and the devs on this game are pretty much what have my interest and my dollar so it’s kind of a bummer to see them and the players get saddled with such a bland protagonist. No offense to the team that worked hard on the character or to the actor portraying him - congrats and all but I would have loved to have seen a new vision for what and who a jedi can be.

I am a little worried about the way they were talking about combat. I like what they are saying but I have just been let down so many times before with lightsaber combat. My hope is that “deliberate combat” doesn’t mean “we are trying to make it more like dark souls.” Those game are great but I think lightsaber combat is really it’s own thing. Jedi Knight got pretty close, but even that was kind of its own thing.

Second Sister looks incredible and I am really hyped to see her wrecking shop in Fallen Order.


Just like Magneto, Cal outs himself when he uses his powers to save a coworker at a heavy industry job.
Conclusion: Don’t work in heavy industry if you plan to lie low and conceal your powers.


The generic white guy protagonist means I’m probably never going to play this, ever, but the fact that it’s totally single-player with no microtransactions and built on UE4 is very interesting to me. And incredibly frustrating, considering how EA has treated BioWare.


Respawn make games where all the action feels good. I’m trying to imagine what they’ll do with Jedi powers and a lightsabre and there’s definitely wall running in there so yuuuuuuuuuuup. Can’t wait for this game.