Jedi: Fallen Order


I’m torn about the protag. It’s boring as hell, but gosh darn he’s handsome :heart_eyes:


I feel I should note the head writer of Battlefront 2 was the guy responsible for the entire artistic direction of Spec Ops: The Line. I suspect a lot of what he had planned was kneecapped by dickey from EA or a lack of focus on the single player campaign that botched any and all execution. The Line was being slaved over for nearly half a decade with its narrative at the center, and I doubt Battlefront 2 had the same sort of development cycle for obvious reasons.

As for this game, I genuinely do not care, even with Respawn involved, because I’m still looking for the catch. EA will find some way to kneecap this (betting they’ll botch the launch, the old fuck Respawn classic).


Considering how recently Respawn was bought I’m willing to bet part of that buyout was them not having to use Frostbite.


As has been mentioned, the main character looks bland as hell, and I’m kind of disappointed it’s another Jedi thing, but I have faith in Respawn’s dev chops and the fact they don’t have EA’s lootbox / as-service gold rush, and their proprietary engine to deal with.
Ultimately it’ll be a wait and see for me, I’m excited to see some potential Titanfall-like mobility in a SW game though.