JJBA: Tell me about Your Stand

During the Microsoft press conference podcast Austin made a joke about having a stand named Prince Ali and it got me thinking about the Stand I came up with for myself. I’m sure other Jojo fans have thought about it, so I want to know all about your Stand: What’s it called (and where does the name come from), what does it look like, what are its powers, can it speak or does it just make the one repetitive noise, etc.?

Here’s mine:
Stand Name: Oh! You Pretty Things (Named after the David Bowie song off the album Hunky Dory)

Physical Description: Oh! You Pretty Things is a Colony Stand with four members. The Pretty Things stand about three feet tall, and look a bit like a smaller version of Gold Experience, but with a fern motif rather than ladybugs. They have dragonfly-esque fairy wings with varying stained glass patterns. They don’t speak, but communicate with sounds of things unseen such as: children playing at a distance, laughter from the next room, frog chirps, and cicadas buzzing. They have individual personalities (roughly analogous to the TMNT) and are named: Boston, F’ox Tails, The Sword, and Cinnamon (Because I’m a huge nerd, those are both types of fern and also band names).

Powers: The Pretty Things are are a fast long range stand able to get up to roughly 100km from the nearest member of the team, so the maximum range for the farthest member of the team is around 400km from their host. The Pretty Things major ability is Translocation, they’re able to instantly swap places with any other member of the group, send each other objects weighing up to 15kg, or immediately teleport back to their host. This makes them excellent trackers, treasure hunters, and spies. The pretty things aren’t particularly strong fighters, but can use their speed, coordination, and ability to swap places and objects to confuse and harass their opponents. They can also use reflections in the glass of their wings to create dazzling visions to further distract, and lastly, they can coordinate their efforts to create the illusion of a single much larger stand, with the aid of a trench coat and big hat.

Destructive Power - D
Speed - A
Range - A
Durability - C
Precision - B
Developmental Potential - E

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I haven’t thought through details but I did a goof on twitter about how I’d want my stand to be Beautiful Stranger but it would clearly be Mickey instead.

(Madonna, Toni Basil, respectively)


I’ve joked mine would be Nightcore- speeds everything up 1.5x and makes it more anime. I’m entirely devoid of musical taste too, so it’s very appropriate

I made this one up a while ago, back when the Stardust Crusaders anime was still running, but I liked the idea a lot.

Stand is called “The Boogieman” (Specifically to reference Juicy Lucy (Needs a Boogieman) by Juptier). It has a boombox built into its chest and jack for various audio cables (XLR, 1/4 inch, etc.) so that it can also hook into sound systems. The trick being that it has control over anyone that can hear the music it plays. Anything they do under the control of the stand has to be done in time to the music as well.

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My stand, 『ONE MINUTE TO MIDNIGHT』 makes people think their appointments are a few minutes earlier or later than they actually are.


Your Stand is obviously real and you are using it against me ALL OF THE TIME.

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