John Carmack Thinks the Code for a Classic Doom Game 'May Be Lost'

The first mobile game I fell in love with was Doom RPG. It was 2005, the iPhone wasn’t out yet and most mobile games were even shittier than they are now. Doom RPG hit the scene, reviewed and sold well, and gave some people hope for the future of phone-based entertainment. Sixteen years later, Doom RPG is almost impossible to find. Even Doom co-creator John Carmack can’t find the original code. Thankfully, fans have spent the past few years searching old phones for the code and they’ve made progress bringing the classic and obscure RPG to modern systems.

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Worth also reading the short thread that spawned this article about Carmack and his son spending an afternoon patching an open source emulator to properly play Orcs & Elves 2.

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