John Stewart Green Lantern Vs A Gundam


I don’t know a lot about anime, but I love the DC comics universe, so that’s my reference.

Could John Stewart GL defeat a Gundam in single combat? Could he board a Gundam like a pirate?

If John loses, how many other Justice Leaguers would he need to call in order to ensure Victory?


But what kind of gundam?


john stewart could use his ring to make his own gundam. maybe even a slightly larger gundam. i think john’s got this one.


I don’t know? How about the most powerful and the least powerful (but still single combat for each)


So a Gundam’s main feature is its Bigness, it seems. No special technologies that could foil a green lantern.


A green power ring is basically a “I’m God” button so it’s not really a fair fight for a gundam. Generally speaking the only thing that stops ring-wearers is other ring-wearers which is why there is a spectrum now.


The Daily Show was a great platform, but I have doubts that even extensive political influence can directly-

OH. There’s an H in there.


No, but Kyle Rayner in his Patlabor could


The most powerful Gundam in the Gundam multiverse is the Turn A Gundam. It is powered by a black hole. Controls enough nanomachines to coat the solar system. It can turn just about all matter into sand and regenerate totally regenerate itself and pilot from it’s nanomachines. It takes time but is basically immortal nonetheless. Also possibly continually evolving as it is speculated to be a highly evil Devil Gundam from G Gundam.
It could probably kill most of your average Green Lantern including John Stewart. Hal Jordan or a Ion or Parallax it gets questionable. The ring would really need to be taken to it’s absolute limit. The rest of the League doesn’t stand any chance. It can just turn supes into sand.


Now that’s a Gundam!


It was specifically designed to be the end of the tech tree for all current and future Gundam series. As Gundam is a “real” robot series that operates on Star Trek level real science. Maybe even more realistic as travel outside our own solar system is never achieved. It also basically an imagining of what is the absolute theoretical limit of human technology.


An important factor to consider here is that many Gundams are yellow.


Check mate

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