Join discord without Twitter?


Maybe I’m confused, but this thread:

seems to imply that having a Twitter handle is required in order to join the Discord channel. Am I reading it wrong? Is there a way to DM on these forums that I just can’t find?



you can click the highlighted username, which takes you that user’s profile where you have an option to send a direct message.


I also tried the above method and couldn’t find the option to DM? Am I bad at interneting?


maybe it’s a function that only gets unlocked after posting a few times or something? To make it harder for people to abuse it?

I don’t really have an answer here actually.


Gotcha! I may just have to wait a few days to get on the discord, no sweat, better late than never right?? Thanks for replying so quick!


DMing is tied to getting the ‘Basic’ role on the forum, which you get through posting, reading, and a few other factors. If you want a visual cue, you’ll note that your name is in a ligher grey than MOKKA’s (see image below). Eventually, you’ll shift to the firmer grey – that’s a sign that you’ve put up your Trust Level & been given DMing privileges.