JoJo: The 7th Stand User (Amazing JoJo Fangame)

So, I recently just found out about this because of an LPer I subscribe to, but oh man I had to share.

See, there’s this JoJo fangame called The 7th Stand User, a full blown RPG done in a Game Boy OG graphical and sound style taking place during part 3, Stardust Crusaders, which has you entering the story as an OC stand user who joins the team to go defeat Dio and save the world. Or, at least that’s the initial premise, because there is significantly more going on under the hood.

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Where do I get it?

Clayman is a Japanese developer, but the entire game was given a fan translation. You can download the game here, which comes with a read me file that explains any technical issue. This site was also pretty useful for that.

There’s a wiki for further information.

How do you play?

The game functions like a fairly basic turn based JRPG, but to work in the stand battle theme, enemies can move away and towards you, which changes their distance to short, mid, or far. This can change the effectiveness of your party’s stand abilities, especially your own. Your stand can also affect people and objects in the over-world, depending on what you have. Replay is encouraged, and a ton of events can only be experienced with certain stands, or with certain chosen actions. There’s also a relationship system which affects your endings and friendships, and there are a ridiculous amount of possible paths, even changed depending on what stand you get, your gender, and your body type. There’s even a karma system that decides your morality, which can lead to the absurdly awesome evil paths (YOU CAN TROLL DIO SO HARD YOU HAVE NO IDEA).

You’re given a personality quiz that decides your character’s base personality and the stand you get, with 18 possibilities in total. They’re all super varied and creative, the least interesting being the animal based ones (oh look a wolf) and then you get stuff like a pen that blows things up with words, a tree filled with object possessing pixies, and a stand with its own will that lets you buy stuff from it.

Also, the single best stand in JoJo history:


There’s also a sequel being made set during part 4, so we have even more coming! So hey Joo fans, get on this!

For my first run, I plan on using Napalm Death, the exploding words pen, which is basically a combination of the stand powers of Kira from part 4, who even points it out in a bonus boss battle. If you want to see what all stands you can use, check here:


Is it weird that I’ve read ever chapter of JOJOs up to the end of SBR and this is the first time I’m hearing about “Swarm” being used as a classification of stand?

This looks really cool I will def be checking it out! Will probably go with Caravan they are really cute and seem like a unique idea for a stand.

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I can think of a few examples of canon stands that sort of function like swarms (mainly Harvest), but this game definitely goes a bit more wild with it.

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i downloaded the font files, but i dont know what to do now