JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind (Part V) [Anime Spoilers]


We are finally here, folks. Part 5 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Golden Wind, is now airing in a subbed version on Crunchyroll. The first episode dropped earlier today, so I thought we’d open a new thread so we can all be on the same page.

First things first – Spoilers for Parts 1-4 are all fair game here. Sorry if you’re behind!

Second things second – I do think this is a place for spoiler discussion of the anime as it is airing. With that said, given Crunchyroll’s Premium policy, I’d like to kindly ask people to put things in spoiler tags for a week after an episode is released on Crunchyroll Premium. This will keep the thread fairly open for everyone, although it does mean that folks without premium might want to tread carefully just in case (sorry!).

Thirdly – Please clearly tag any spoilers about events that haven’t occured in the aired show! I know some folks on here have read the manga, but would still prefer if folks kept this stuff fairly close to their chest if they posted it at all. It’s a suprise to some and all that…

I hope this is a reasonable enough compromise to foster discussion. I’m looking forward to indulging Araki in all of his Italy-loving extremes…


hello part 5 is here. i’m excited to have jojo fridays back

It's time. Favorite JJBA part/Jojo

I cannot wait to see best boy Bruno put zippers on all the things!


I only ever read Part 5 on some site and I remember the translation being bad but what was going on in panels being interesting, so I’m looking forward to like, a polished product!


This season has gone way into the body horror basically from the word go, so looking forward to where it takes it from here. Not that Josuke’s mending power wasn’t vaguely horrifying from pretty early on, but…


Considering some of the sequences later on in this part, I’m really curious to see how far the anime will actually be able to go with that (I assume pre-emptive “blackout” censorship is still a thing in Japan?)


I read the arc in advance of the premiere, I’m sincerely doubting that all the nastiness of Green Day will be shown in broadcast form. Probably one of the grossest Stands to date.

Only hang-up I have about the part 5 anime is losing some of the really visionary directorial staff that were on Diamond is Unbreakable, who lent that season its incredibly stark and striking art design which sold the suburban horror tone to an absolute T.

Moving back to the relatively ho-hum production quality of Stardust Crusaders is…still good, but a shame after how incredibly strong DiU’s anime was.


Yes, if Terraformars was anything to go by. A show where the entire draw is ultra-violence and the TV airings often blacked out three quarters of the screen. Crunchy gets those versions roughly, so some of the nastier bits will probably not be visible for the airing version.


And we have to wait for some kind of home video release to see it uncensored?


Could you elaborate on this by any chance? I feel like I’ve missed a beat with some discussion of production studious and art direction between the different seasons.


That’s how the market works! You wanna see the titty or the gore? Gotta buy the blu-ray.

I suspect JoJo won’t really have this problem nearly as bad, though. I imagine a lot will just purposefully not be shown or tweaked in some way that they can sneak it past censors.


DavidPro is currently extremely busy trying to make multiple animes at once - this, Cells at Work (which just finished), Captain Tsubasa, next year’s Strike Witches 10th Anniversary project and an anime adaptation of a gacha idol game. Almost all of their veteran staff is on other projects meaning that David’s relying a lot on younger staff members to carry them through - added to this is the fact that Vento Aureo is a 3cour season, ie 39 episodes (like the last series, which didn’t pan out great for them) so they have to do far more work on a short schedule with less assistance than usual. So, the show looks less flashy and stylised so they can actually finish it reasonably on time (not helped by the fact their character designer gave them a ridiculously high linecount to keep up with).


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has always had some “out there” song choices for EDs, and GioGio’s is no different (NSFW)


Being up-to-date on JoJo’s is suffering because I’d really like it to be like two hours along :sob:


So far after two episodes I’m still really confused about Golden Wind as a stand. Like, I get that it can create life from inanimate objects and that when attacking living things forces them into some sort of hypersensitive state? I guess since we’re only two episodes in it still feels kind of vague and that makes some of the payoff feel less impactful because I don’t really understand the rules quite yet. I wonder if more multi-ability stands are gonna be a thing this season?


It can turn non-living objects into living objects. If someone attacks the created living creature, it “breaks” and just reflects the damage back to them. If he uses it on an already-living creature, it also “breaks” by giving them life energy that their body has no idea what to do with (thus, causing them to hyper-visualize everything that’s going on while their body stays in place).

It’s easily the weirdest and most esoteric main character power in a series where other protagonists can shoot nail bullets or turn themselves into string. My one major criticism of this part is that once he learns how to “heal” people with it, the power becomes a one-size-fits-all that effectively works the same as Josuke’s Crazy Diamond.


I feel like the tl;dr of it is pretty straightforward – it ‘gives life’ to whatever it touches. This either manifests as the inanimate coming to life or the living overflowing with energy to the point they can’t control themselves (at least from what we’ve seen so far). In both cases, it returns to its base state once violence (or pain?) is inflicted on the target & it returns to normal.

This feels like it is base level complex in a way that, say, Shining Diamond wasn’t – but Shining Diamond became very complex as Josuke figured out different ways to imply it.

@miscu I might say that it is a less esoteric main character power than Koichi’s, but that’s my little criticism of Part 4 creeping in…


And then you get to the ending where he gets a power upgrade the bad guy wanted that basically turns his stand into a reality re-writer because they needed some way to beat King Crimson but it was so broken they just had to come up with something else even more broken.


I know we’re only two stands in but I feel like the subtitle names aren’t even trying. zipper man? what is that


See, it’s a man

With zippers