JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind (Part V) [Anime Spoilers]


i’m sure this is a question that has been asked to death since the beginning of part 3 but is there like. a legal precedent for the subs having to be different this way. or is it just the studio being ultra cautious like mick jagger’s gonna ring em up saying “mmmm hello lads big fan of your work here. especially like the fella with the stand called Sticky Fingers. funny story actually did you know me and my mates’ band released an album called Sticky Fingers in 1971. did alright off it actually. anyway give me twenty million british pounds. cheers”


The games when localized did this too. Western markets have different copyright laws than Japan. Same reason why you see reruns of TV shows in the US with what were originally company logos blurred out.





I guess my worry is that the complexity will build in the same way Shining Diamond did and I won’t be able to keep up?


Then you may want to jump off the ride now because your brain will pop once you find out what the big bad’s stand does this part.


There’s a reason King Crimson is mostly known for the joke where nobody knows how King Crimson works. It’s like if you took The World and Star Platinum and then made them ridiculously convoluted. Instead of stopping time, it makes all events that were going to occur over the next few seconds all occur at the exact same time, sort o compressing time, and the power is made dangerous by a secondary future reading power that let’s the user know what everyone is going to do ahead of time, letting them plan out what they’re going to do during the compressed time event, effectively deciding what happens while absolutely nobody is able to react to the events during that compressed time because they’re all experiencing what should take place over several seconds within a single nanosecond, so their brains can’t comprehend what’s even happening until compressed time is over and they see the aftermath - assuming they’re even alive at this point.

Pretty much EVERY stand in part five and on gets this ridiculous, except Joylne’s oddly.


remember stands with powers like ‘has a sword’


This series has 2 of the most complicated to explain stands in all of JoJo so…


I still have no idea what D4C actualy does, especially once it (part 7 spoilers) gets its Jesus powers


Oh that one is pretty simple.

It lets the user interact with other timelines, either by traveling yourself or bringing someone else around. It only seems complicated because we end up with so many Funny Valentines, whom are difficult to tell apart simply because they all believe in their one shared goal so strongly they they’re almost always the same across every timeline.

EDIT: From there he gains the power to control karma and causality. Just a fancy way of saying he controls luck. Further complications of timeline travel comes from good old time cop paradox rules.


I got the basics, but became pretty lost pretty quick when all the Funny Valentines were super chill with the whole “guess I’ll just die in this timeline” thing. Then there’s the “only the golden ratio can defeat a divine stand” plot device at the end, which left me nostalgic for the simpler times when the weirdest thing about that series was DIO finding out he can turn into a dinosaur.


All the Funny Valentines gave their lives for 'MURICA!!! They had no regrets. As for the golden ratio stuff, it ties back into the whole spin concept the part played with for so long. The golden ratio is basically the perfect version of the spin and it makes a great counter to dimension hopping shenanigans as since the spin becomes infinite, there’s no way for Valentine to escape it even crossing through other timelines.

And then you get to the Eyes Over Heaven game where Valentine ends up in a timeline where Dio won during part three and his stand evolved into absolute reality manipulation that can not only completely rewrite loyalties and bring people back from the dead, but can also no sell every single broken stand power in the whole franchise, including Gold Requiem+, Star Platinum (before it starts evolving), and of course Dirty Deeds Done for Cheap.


A lot of the overt weirdness in parts 5 and 6 will naturally work out better in animation form, since they were too convoluted to properly convey in a manga format due to Araki’s expressive character movement and overly elaborate scenarios.

In particular the King Crimson fight because there are so many intricate moving parts that I completely lost track with what was going on. Parts 7 and 8 were far better at dialing back the complexity of each action scene to where they’re much easier to parse in a comic format.

the videogames are shonen bullshit


Eyes Over Heaven is actually endorsed by Akari and based on a concept he was actually writing they had to radically strip down because the story was too big to fit into a game proper. That’s the most hilarious part to me.


Yeah part 5 was the hardest part for me to follow as a manga (especially because when I last read it, about half of it was still only available in Duwang format) so I am extra hype for this anime simply from that standpoint

also good LORD have these first couple of episodes had some horny moments


I thought random alien in part 4 was the weirdest thing I’d see but still wasn’t prepared for bed-shaped-human turning into a cartoonishly large man