Jon Shafer (Civ 5) Leaving Paradox - Residuals


Rough for all involved

Not to be reductive, but he created Civ 5 and was the designer for Civ 4’s expansion packs. He’s also been working on “At the Gates” for a very long time. While I don’t know his financial situation, he’s bounced around working at a few different places since then. My question for Waypointers is - Do you think he receives, or did receive, residual payments for working on Civ 5? If he didn’t, then how could the other artists and programmers be expected to receive something?


I think this is the kind of question that is hard to talk about without knowing about John Shafer’s contract and situation with Firaxis (the previous company he worked for and released Civ V under). I’m also not sure that speculation without information is helpful or productive.

Regardless, if he didn’t, other artists and programmers do deserve to have a stake in the art they produce. That they often don’t is a huge problem, but simply because big names don’t see dividends now doesn’t mean we should strive to change the economic landscape around game production. The industry will be stronger if it is more equitable, particularly at a time of rising pressures on developers.