"Journey into the world of...videogame advertisements" Let's Watch Final Fantasy XIV: Dad(dy) of Light

What is this?

A new Japanese live-action drama based vaguely on a real-life story about a 30-something guy named Akio Inaba who, feeling estranged from his father Hirotaro whom he used to enjoy Final Fantasy with way back in his childhood, hatches a plan to get his now-retired dad into the online game Final Fantasy XIV and secretly befriend him in-game in hopes to reconnect with him again.

The eight-episode series weaves between scenes in the real world of Akio trying to show his dad how to play, in-game where he tries to help him without blowing his cover, and applying what he learns along the way to difficult situations in his day to day working life.

The original name was “Daddy of Light” but it was changed to the much more mundane “Dad of Light” in localization to avoid the obvious connotations that phrase has in America.

is this an anime

yes…no, maybe? just run with me on this

Is this totally an advertisement for an online videogame?

Absolutely yes 100% it is, the characters frequently mention how Fun™ the Final Fantasy™ games are, and songs from the FFXIV soundtrack routinely pop up in the live-action bits.

Why are we watching this then?

Half pure curiosity for the odd premise, and half because from what I’ve watched so far, it actually seems like a genuinely pretty heartwarming show about a socially-awkward guy trying to connect with his dad in one of the only ways he knows how. It reminds me a little of the weird meta-media shows you’d see on like G4 waaaaaay back in the day.

Where can I watch this? Do I need to be familiar with FFXIV to understand it?

It’s currently only being broadcast via Netflix. While there’s a few in-jokes for people who actively play the game, it doesn’t really get into any mechanics beyond surface-level stuff, so even someone with no knowledge of the game could likely enjoy it.

First Episodes

A Relationship Reborn: Years after their relationship grows stagnant, Akio’s father suddenly and mysteriously quits his job, and Akio hatches a plan to get him to open up.

Beginner Difficulties: At work, Akio looks into why so many female employees are quitting and finds a hint by helping his father with his in-game difficulties.

started watching this and it’s rather heartwarming. it’s def a thing that’s made to show off FF14 but it has some good family drama and lots of good humor in game and out.