Judgment: Phoenix Wright, but Yakuza? (formerly Project JUDGE)


I don’t know what info fans have been picking up on this game (I’ve seen it streaming on Twitch, so I assume some stuff’s been getting translated just from exposure) but I just put down Yakuza 0 and thought “whew, that would have been really great with like just a bit less sexual assault”. Does anyone know better than me if I should be worried about Judgment? I’d like to be excited about it, if possible…


Uhhh, well, hmm… I wonder if we’ll be seeing a different actor by the time the localized version comes out.


Just replace his character with Majima doing random shit but keep everyone else’s dialogue and interactions the same.


I can tell my brain has been broken because I read that and went “oh thank god, just cocaine charges”


Unfortunately more severe of a crime in Japan than a lot of other shit he could have been caught doing. Hard line zero tolerance for possessing banned substances over there, it seems.


Oh yeah, I know it’s incredibly serious there, but drug possession just seems so chill to me now, especially in the games industry


Yakuza has had bad luck with that stuff. Really don’t see the big deal.


It’s a cultural thing. Drug use is considered fucking evil in Japan and the expectation is that you will not profit from the work of a drug user. There’s no law requiring them to, say, pull an artist’s entire catalog from sale, but it happens, I think the term for it roughly translates to “self-restraint.” I would not be surprised if Judgement ends up delayed because they replace Taki’s entire performance - he’s basically an un-person now.


A celebrity doing drugs in Japan is one of the few things a celebrity in Japan can do that’s worse than acknowledging Japan’s war crimes or having a boyfriend.


Either way it’s definitely good and normal that some guy can go and do a thing and then hundreds of people’s work and other people’s enjoyment of that work gets thrown in the trash.


And yet Rurouni Kenshin characters are still in Jump Force…


Don’t forget owning boxes upon boxes of actual child pornography. Doing cocaine at least once is apparently worse than that

stares daggers at Jump Force


Or, like… getting assaulted at home, as of recently.

The whole “meiwaku” ideal gets so misguided at times.


Question about drugs and Japan (and sorry if I’m derailing this thread). My wife and I are thinking about vacationing there this year, and I certainly intend to respect the country’s drug laws while I’m there. But you see, I’m Canadian and would absolutely not be able to pass a urine test for substances that are perfectly legal in my home country. Up until I heard this story I didn’t think it would be a problem, but now I’m a little worried. Should I be?


It’s pretty cut and dry, don’t be in possession of stuff or use anything while there no one’s going to test your piss just to get off the tarmac. If you get busted with stuff since you’re not a citizen you’ll get jailed for a couple of months until they get around to processing you, deported, and it will be unlikely you can ever return.


They’re not going to test you, just don’t bring anything. Don’t bring any prescription drugs in a quantity more than 30 days, either.


Yeah, prescription drugs are also a concern. My wife suffers from chronic migraines and has quite a few prescriptions, including ones looked down upon in Japan (i.e. anti-depressants, anti-anxiety). Would keeping a copy of the doctor’s prescription suffice?

Also, I am not white, so I’m worried about profiling and the like. So after hearing about the Judgement dude getting tested out of a simple allegation makes me worried.


Another consequence of this is that it appears pretty much all of Denki Groove’s music has been removed from spotify and youtube, at least in the US. Taki was one of the founding members so I guess now that he’s been unpersoned by Japan’s ridiculous drug paranoia, Denki Groove’s music is maybe just going to disappear forever :frowning:


my understanding is that a doctor’s prescription will suffice if your doctor happens to be a japanese doctor living in japan

they won’t care about anti-depressants, it’s the 30 day thing that matters.


That’s a huge bummer. They are amazing.