Junichi Masuda replies to fan complaining about Pokémon DLC: "It's my birthday and a holiday, can you let me relax?"

Find this sad and enfuriating, that the some Pokémon fans can be so toxic.

If you are out of the loop, a small but vocal minority has been harassing Masuda and other Game Freak staffers for half a year now because the Pokémon selection in SWSH. And now Masuda was just replying to a fan that wished him a happy birthday, but then another one tells him something about “removing old Pokémon to sell them as DLC”, to which Masuda replies asks to please let him relax.

What specially strikes me about this is that it’s the first time that he has replied to anybody about the topic. The man really just wants to enjoy his birthday, but Pokémon fans seem to be against even that.


gamers don’t deserve rights


I’ve been mad about video games before, but I’ve never been “randomly harass a dev on their birthday” mad about a game before.

People just need to chill out a little bit sometimes. Just take, like, 10 seconds.


Clearly, it would have been better to wait slightly longer and than announce Pokemon Ultra Sword & Ultra Shield at full price with the exact same amount of new content.



Games are like: “WE HATE THIS GAME.”

Then be like: “ALSO MAKE MORE OF IT NOW!!!”


I don’t like this trend where random people want to tell creators how to do their job. If you don’t like a product, then don’t buy it.


Happens frequently, unfortunately. Feel like I hear about JP artists having their TLs flooded with messages in a language they don’t understand every other time a new hero comes out for that Fire Emblem mobile game. “Excuse me professional artist I opened photoshop and ‘fixed’ your design.” Ed Boon’s twitter is a constant stream of people screaming about Mileena. Katsuhiro Harada tells people to shut the hell up every day. Hideki Kamiya has probably blocked most of twitter by now.

Everybody is now in arm’s reach and as soon as they do anything any given clique finds disagreeable enough the harassment kicks in, be it a wave of unsolicited “advice” or just straight up hate mail.

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This is kind-of off topic, but am I wrong in thinking that most of the complaints that are being laid on GameFreak for these games can just as much, if not more, be laid on Nintendo and the Pokémon Company? Like, I would have assumed Nintendo (being the platform holder and publisher) and the Pokémon Company (the brand manager), would be the one to set a hard line on release date and price point, and would be one to suggest expansions in line with other titles.

Not trying to fan the flames of discontent, but I always assumed GameFreak’s involvement was primarily development, and most of the other stuff was handled by Nintendo and The Pokémon Company.


I think this is an interesting point but based on some comments I saw on Reddit it is my understanding that GameFreak intentionally hired unqualified developers who hate Pokémon and limited the number in SwSh to spite players and/or as part as a sinister DLC conspiracy and/or general laziness.

Genuinely returning to your point, when this controversy was first developing I tried to see if I could find any prior articles or interviews that detailed the relationships and dynamics between Nintendo, GameFreak, and the Pokémon Company. I had no luck. Not like there would necessarily be an interview in which it is explicitly laid out that Nintendo says “do this” and GameFreak says “yes right away” but I would be very interested to know how the three companies interact and defer to each other (if they do).