Jurassic Park fans?


Fan since '93 and obsessed with it when I was a kid.

So of course I’m excited about EVOLUTION: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXHSMT69R6A

Though, let’s get real here. I’s been an awful long time since we had a proper action/adventure JP game. I played many, but never had the sense of amazement I had for the Hitsquad/Ocean game I played years ago, but that might be part nostalgia filter.

Let me tell you this; my biggest wish is a game in the style of Alien: Isolation, but with velociraptors in an abandoned park :3


The SNES version of the Ocean Jurassic Park game was my jam. I’ve actually been trying to put together a video about that for a while now.

That, Operation Genesis, and Lost World Arcade are probably the three best Jurassic Park games in my opinion – though going back to Lost World Arcade recently has made me realize how INSANELY DIFFICULT it actually is. It’s essentially House of the Dead (by Sega and everything), but it introduces this skill shot system where certain parts of a level or certain bosses will require you to shoot a very specific target.

Like, in order to avoid being eaten by a T-Rex, you have to shoot eight points in its mouth. Even with a mouse in an emulator, the window for your skill shots can so insanely narrow that it is almost impossible. I never got very far on the real arcade machine, and without an on-screen crosshair or anything it’s easy to see why.

Also: one of the skill shots is shooting a dinosaur in the butthole before it poops on your car.

Really interested about Evolution. Hearing that it’s the Planet Coaster developers makes me super happy! Operation Genesis is great fun for about 90 minutes or so and then you run out of stuff to build. Hopefully this will get the same kind of mod support that Planet Coaster has. Could be incredible!


I also played this weird Lost World inspired game on the PC: Chaos Island. It was a RTS type thing mixed with footage from the movie. It kind of jumped the shark when you could breed a special mutated type of dinosaur that’s obedient to you, meaning you could send Ian Malcolm and two raptors to attack an enemy unit :stuck_out_tongue:


“Now that’s custom”. That game was admirable for having the full cast of The Lost World in speaking roles. The best bit was whenever you’d selected Eddie Carr, you’d sometimes hear a concerned Richard Schiff say “Didn’t I die in the movie? In the movie I died”.


I got TLW arcade game working on an emulator just recently as it’s one of my favourites. What that game really needs is a ‘Typing of the Dead’ styled treatment, but instead of random words it’s dinosaur names and select quotes from the Jurassic Park movies. On easier difficulties, you have to type out the correct pronounciation of dinosaur names - as in tri-cera-tops. It would be fun and educational! Seriously, if I had a head for computer software development and modding, I’d be diving head first into this as a project!


Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition is one that’s often overlooked. The name and packaging makes it seem like it’s the Genesis Jurassic Park game with some new content, but it’s actually a completely different game with pixel art instead of digitized stuff.