Just Because Something is Mediocre Doesn't Mean We Don't Love it


It's a rousing pod today as Austin, Rob, Patrick and myself talk about Monster Hunter, "theatrical" minigolf, Dynasty Warriors 9, Civilization 6, and All our Asias and the PS1 aesthetic. Then we enjoy a refreshing dip in the question bucket.

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The whole bit about the interactive fiction mini golf course sounds like it came straight out of Bluff City.


FMV-MG needs to become a thing because the way @danielle was describing her experience, it sounds like the best kind of beautiful, trashy, fun. :laughing:


The talk about games taking on a PS1 aesthetic reminds me of a visual test I did early last year. The fidelity is definitely higher than you’d find but it’s a lot of fun (and also you can just throw on this one shader in Unity and it gives you that lovely jittering). It’s something I want to find some use for when I have the time.