Just Looking at This ‘Mario Maker 2’ Stage Will Give You Anxiety

Everything about this image stresses me out, and it’s so much worse in motion:

The seemingly endless spikey enemies quietly going about their business, indifferent to Mario’s sudden presence. How the endless symmetry of every object takes on a creepy, cult-like quality when laid out so brazenly. Even the stars, a background I’ve seen in a million stages, become a distraction from the work of what, at the end of the day, is a very easy series of jumps. It’s the way it all adds up that makes me want to set the controller down.

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It’s so cool that Vice has started a dedicated Mario Maker vertical


I see articles becoming more gif focused.

Joke’s on you, I already have anxiety


Nice article! I’m glad that you enjoyed my levels. Hopefully some of the future uploads will be as memorable as The Pain Lattice.