Kass is hotter than Sidon


I’m willing to provide photo evidence.


Seconded. Also Kass is the best character and my son.


I believe you but would still enjoy photo evidence.


I haven’t met Sidon yet but I agree implicitly, Kass is my powerful and talented bf.

Also he reminds me of Cass from FatT.


Neither hold a candle to this daddy


Both please :kissing_closed_eyes:


Is this meant to be a joke or a doke? Cause this is a pretty good joke.


I don’t know why you feel the need to state the obvious like that.


When will the admins start addressing the fake news on this website??


Ah yes, at last, the hill I will die on


We were promised photo evidence!


I saw it on my twitter timeline. It HAS to be true.


(art source (some suggestive art on profile))


Kass’s aesthetic is too powerful to be contained. I’ve never seen anyone respond to Sidon with “imagine how it’d feel to be looked at with those gentle eyes”


the problem with kass is that he’s married and not to me


None of this matters in light of the images coming out for the Spiro remake. 2018 Spiro’s thighs are :ok_hand:


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