Keanu Reeves Is in 'Cyberpunk 2077,' Which Now Has a Release Date

Key point from yesterday: Bethesda loves you for being a gamer, Keanu Reeves loves you for being you, no labels needed, just you are enough.


Right, that’s their standard phrasing for any time a game will be eligible for pre-download. Still won’t be available to download until the usual 2-3 days ahead of release.

Cyberpunk 2077 is probably going to be a game I like a lot and enjoy getting lost in, and I also expect it to fully disappoint me as a cyberpunk narrative as CDPR shows increasingly less evidence of giving a shit about social commentary

cant wait to play Neon Cussing Murder Adventures in 2020


admittedly, 2020 is a very neat release date for this game, so bonus points


I feel like it’s gonna be one of those games where the side quests are WAAAY more interesting than the main plot.

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Idk. Every criticism of this game and it’s marketing and especially the company making it gets is deserved. If it even approaches its initial pitch, I think I still want to play it.

I think everything we’ve seen becomes a lot more interesting the minute I make my own character. I can also get down with even a deeply flawed “burn down the shitty system” story, especially if I get to make choices in it, especially especially if there will be great side quests from a wide variety of writers. And we just plain don’t get these sorts of wildly high production valued RPGs very often, so the usual “there’s plenty else to play” argument just doesn’t really move me here.

Idk. Cdpr sucks, a lot. Everything they’ve made has been profoundly compromised, cyberpunk as a thing has always been profoundly compromised, this game will definitely be profoundly compromised. All I can ultimately say is, I still want to play it, but I also badly badly want to see the inevitable wave of criticism it will earn.


Basically if there isn’t a part in the game where Keanu Reeves screams to someone that he need a computer than God is truly dead.


I’m excited to see a model of Keanu Reeves singing Johnny’s Silverhand’s objectively bad Cyberpunk-themed butt rock.

Rewatched the trailer, I liked last year’s much better. There were so many interesting things going on, like that guy in the plane who’s face caught fire.

I’m much more interested in learning more about the setting than I am watching some dudes get slaughtered. I’m tired of slaughter. This felt more like a Keanu reveal trailer than a game trailer.

I’m definitely in the not-as-hyped anymore crowd. I wonder if we’ll get more gameplay this year. Wonder if it’s playable on the show floor (doubt it).

this game’s new trailer: rip the witcher but i’m different

What a fucking bore.


They posted that clip of gameplay that played when Keanu left the stage.

Ice Bathtubs making me think of Minority Report.

When you gonna talk about this downgrade, Gamers


EDIT: I get it, yeah, “player choice,” etc. etc. but holy hell it would be nice if the marketing for a cyberpunk game would employ some kind of rad future lady or non-binary person or something instead of Gruff White Gun Man No. 316513


Why not these steelbooks.



My fear with this is that the options are not going to be what I want. It’s why I am so chafed by mass effect games. Like the easiest example I can think of is in Andromeda when there’s the guy who intended to do a murder but didn’t actually do a murder. Your only choices are, frame him for murder and be bad, or exonerate him and disrupt the entire criminal justice system (which is what I did but that wasn’t even the way they phrased it). But attempted murder is a real life crime, and you can prosecute on that. We have the evidence. He wanted to kill him. But that wasn’t an option for me to choose, which seems VERY obvious to me. And all though all of Bioware’s games this is a problem for me. I don’t get to choose an option that feels obvious to me.
And so I have a feeling that is going to happen in this game as well and that will dampen my enjoyment of it. This is totally the kind of game I get sucked into. But I never love it as much as other people because my world view is something that apparently is so radical no one on any game’s writing staff ever considers the options that come to my head first.


I’ve seen a lot of cyber, but not a lot of punk as yet. Which is concerning, on top of my other concerns (transphobia, reticence to be inclusive of trans folks in a fucking transhumanist setting, absolutely drab, dull white boy player stand-in who for some reason also drabs it up on the cover with every dull white boy gun pose ever committed to plastic instead of CDPR doing something creative with it).


If that cover is a signal, it is a signal to run and hide. Either there is a very satisfied and terrible art director out there right now, or there is a very talented one drowning their sorrows over executive interference.

There’s a lot of concept art out there that seems to understand the “High-Tech, Low Life” guts of cyberpunk, but the finished product seems to be going somewhere else.

(I will admit to having some of my negative feelings here buoyed up by having Keanu on board. I just like that guy, can’t help it.)


This pretty much sums up my feelings. It’s unfuckingbelievable that they put genero-whitefuck number 444444444444444 on the cover of a game with “cyberpunk” in the title, especially after the earlier femme-lead shits. But Keanu. I want to be excited about this game because of that cameo but the more I think about the trailer and the box art the more I’m like HARD NAH


Have y’all seen the nakeyjakey video about how video game cover art has been ruined?

This discussion keeps reminding me of that.


As for the game itself… I’m really excited for it. I’m excited to see Mike Pondsmith’s work visualized with high fidelity.

Evidently I’m the only one.


I’m excited too!

I think the marketing team is really trying to push this as a ‘BIG ACTION GAME’ for sales rather than showing off the depth the game will probably have.