Kentucky Route Zero Act 5 Predictions

On a recent pod, the crew dared us to make our predictions for the final installment of Kentucky Route Zero. They said we couldn’t do it. Well, we’ll see about that. Here are my main predictions for Act 5!

  • I can pet the dog
  • Conway buys mudflaps
  • Mario is in it
  • Shannon will fix a washing machine
  • Ezra will say a curse word
  • Marx shows up
  • It says “To Be Continued…” at the end

I have your mark, Cardboard Computer.


Slightly gross alternative for prediction number two: Conway buys truck nuts


Really hoping for a surprise, after-credits Ratchet and Clank crossover reveal

Conway gets out of debt by learning to make apps. Mayor Pete makes a cameo.


You pilot the Equus Oils horse like a mech and kill capitalism with your hooves


The dog from the TV edition cover gets a second hat

EDIT: to clarify The hat will go on top of the first hat


Joseph is only blind because the power company owns his eyes.

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