Kentucky Route Zero: WEVP


I have no idea what this is, but i am very excited to learn:


It’s probably the weather.


…I hope it isn’t a catastrophe.


I’m listening…


God, I’ve been putting off playing through all of KRZ so I can play it in one go but this really makes me want to go back and play through the current episodes


Okay so here’s my theory: Alexis Kennedy’s Weather Factory is making act V of KRZ. Can’t say I’m a fan of the work not being made entirely by the same creative body but I do love that bengal tiger Alexis.


i hope analog computer guy is ok


So, uh, there’s a new interlude out

Edit: I haven’t played it yet, but apparently the game takes place in the WEVP station, centering around a broadcast that’s currently up on the actual WEVP stream.


I’m surprised i havent played it yet. There’s my weekend sorted, I guess.


For whatever reason, the game keeps freezing when I try it, but I just watched the broadcast. For someone who loves Kentucky Route Zero (and it’s up there as one of my favourite ever games), there’s so much I don’t know about the wider lore / all the extra WEVP-TV stuff. Quite looking forward to the console version so I can replay through the whole thing.


Aww that sucks. Cardboard Computer seems to be pretty good at addressing bugs (instructions here) if you want to make sure it’s the game and not your computer.

The Evening Broadcast has me so excited to see what’s in store for Act V. The first video especially has me interested in seeing what themes it’ll touch on (The idea of KRZ’s world being part of a soon-to-be-lost civilization and the Consolidated Power Company’s actions being framed as intrinsically colonialist has the critical theory nerd in me beyond excited).


I heard a podcast in which they namechecked one of my favourite (sadly late) theorists on contemporary culture / capitalism, Mark Fisher, so I’m very excited.

I imagine it is my laptop that has the issue. Hopefully I can tinker with something to sort it out.


I love to have wet socks.


When is this out on the Switch?


Whenever they’re done with Act V. I believe the devs said the console edition should be out once everything is finally done, which they’re hoping is sometime this year.