KFC confirms that Colonel Sanders is a Shinigami from Bleach


Anyone else wish they were a shinigami? :smiley:


marketing was a mistake



That comic is so good


They’ve got a comic-book, they’re sending stuff into near-space, they’re launching clothing lines…

I’m not surprised that this all comes from an internal team and not agency. These big, bold, risky moves can only come from within companies from what I’ve seen. Firms can suggest this stuff, but they’re generally doing that with the expectation that the client will sand off the edges into a more conservative shape.

The flipside of this is that terrible Pepsi ad. Big swing, but an even bigger miss.

I still maintain that marketing sux, but it’s sort of fascinating to watch one of capitalism’s strangest spawn evolve.


It feels like everyone is just trying to catch up with Arby’s and the reason Arby’s can stay so far ahead is because they hired people who were deeply ingrained in the culture and trusted them implicitly.


This definitely just made me think of this https://twitter.com/BLMforlife/status/883164089798848512

(the tweet that one is a reply to is even better though)