Killer Mash-Up Thread


Share some of your favorite mash-ups!

Here’s one of my favorites and I can’t believe the band’s official channel posted it:

I also have a soft spot for “Knock Out Eileen”

And this mash-up fucking slams and if you don’t agree I’m not sure what to tell you:

also yes Neil Cicierega makes amazing mash-ups feel free to share your favorites lmao


Sadly, the only ‘mash up’ artist I can really think of is Girl Talk and I don’t like most of his stuff at all. I’ve heard others. Good ones, too. If I can think of them, I’ll definitely post.


Not super on the pulse of what’s real good right now, but when I need a mashup I always go back to the well with space jam mashups:

As for Neil, I forget which song it was, but one of his hour long mashups had a mix of the Friends themesong with that “oh-wa-ha-ah-ah” from down with the sickness that makes me cackle every damn time.




Another good one by the same folks.



Psycosis makes some of the best/weirdest mashups on the web short of Neil’s Cicierega. I highly recommend you check out all of his work.


Here’s some assorted non-Psycosis mashups too.



ummmmm can I just flood this thread with stuff from DJ Hero and DJ Hero 2?

There’s a bunch of solid stuff to choose from, so I’ll try to limit myself to a couple…(ughhh this is so tough).

Shout vs. Pjanoo

Daft Punk Megamix 1 (Around the World vs. Technologic vs. Television Rules the Nation)

War vs. Waters of Nazareth

Debaser vs. Invaders Must Die


Yes! I love mashups of all kinds!

I love the musical complexity and production value of Ithaca’s live mashup videos

A classic

This is a very dumb mashup I can’t stop listening to

I know Mouth Moves was voted best album of 2017 by the community, but there is no overstating Neil Cicierega’s spooky weird talent for mashups and remixes that just shouldn’t exist.

Some of my favorite mashups are all about the synchronicity of the sources and not so much the concept


DJ Hero will always be the doomed prodigy of rhythm games


I knowwwwwwww :sob:

Also that Knock Out Eileen mashup was on point :ok_hand:

Oh that reminds me: (since I threw up some Daft Punk up earlier)

Touch It/Technologic

Does this count as a mashup? Because ya know, “Touch It” heavily samples “Technologic” anyway? Maybe half of a mashup? 1.6x a mashup? I don’t know y’all


Only one I can think of: