Killer7 is 12 years old today so I made a thing

Actually, I made it a few weeks ago in response to Austin’s Guide to Games for Flower, Sun, and Rain but I was too busy to clean it up until now.

Beat by Masafumi Takada, from the No More Heroes soundtrack. Lyrics adapted from Kanye. Performed and mixed by me.

P.S. Suda hasn’t made a good game since No More Heroes 1. FITE ME.


I liked Let It Die, but fell off once it got too hard for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I adored Killer7. I want a rerelease. ):

Your song has me cracking up right now. :+1:

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I maintain that the video below shows one of the best cut-scenes in any game ever, i.e., the cutscene before you fight Ulmeyda, in the desert where his followers “drive themselves to death”. Here, more so than perhaps any other moment in Killer , Suda 51’s satire cuts down American excesses at such a high-level of terror and hilarity, and such a low level of mercy.

I don’t even know if this video warrants a spoiler warning.