‘Killing Time at Lightspeed’ Is the Ultimate FOMO Simulator


With so many of us constantly refreshing our feeds, how would it feel if everything could change between swipes?

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I really recommend people check this one out! It doesn’t just execute on the sci-fi communication-at-relativistic-speed premise, it also communicates the feel of how savvy social network users chat really well, down to the pitch-perfect bots and corporate algorithms. (It also inspires that terribly awkward feeling of seeing a good social-media pal making some real sleep-inducing takes when you just don’t want to get involved.)


I played it around when it came out- I had a 13 hour long flight to Japan soon after, and after buying it I’d left it till then because the idea of playing it while in the air felt kinda fitting to me. So my memories of it are a little fuzzy, since it was about a year ago and that was a pretty exhausting day, but I remember being kinda let down by it.

The thing that stuck with me most was that it very quickly became clear that some of the news stories were jokes while some were serious… and some of those jokes contradicted things the story established about the setting. Like, sure, make your Doctor Who references but don’t go out of your way to make it harder to take everything else seriously in the process? I thought the concept was really appealing besides that (I’m really into the idea of games examining social networks in general), but it just felt a bit too basic; at the time there were a few visual glitches that were distracting as well. Maybe I should try it again, though; it is pretty short, after all.