'Kingdom Hearts III' is a Big, Beautiful Mess

In 1998, the United States Congress passed the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act. Following up on a similar law passed in 1976, the law increased the amount of time works of corporate authorship would be protected under copyright law, extending the protection for existing copyrighted works for an additional 20 years, summing out at 95 years from the date of creation. The law was also referred to as the Mickey Mouse Protection Act, after its most significant proponent, the Disney Corporation. Mickey Mouse, first appearing on film in 1928, was at risk of falling out of copyright protection, and so Disney used its significant financial and political power as a major American business to lobby Congress to extend their ownership of the cartoon mouse.

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This is a really excellent piece of writing.


Kingdom Hearts III is like if Undertale was contractually obligated to also be Avengers: Infinity War .

Do we have a process for nominating sentence of the year, and how can we wrap it up in January because it’s all down hill from here folks.


This piece has single-handedly convinced me that I should give this game a shot. I tried dipping into KH2 and nah, but the gradiosity of this one seems like it will make the difference.

This is a series defined by its mood, by a sort of goofy hopeful heroism forcefully welded onto a deep vein of surreal melancholy. If this clunky alchemy works for you, every other sin is forgivable. If it doesn’t, then every annoyance will be unbearable.

These two sentences get at the series and the game better than any of the other dozen fumbling reviews I’ve seen.
I appreciated the discussion of copyright, because it’s something I’ve been thinking about lately. Kingdom Hearts is one vision of what art could look like in a world with sensible copyright laws, imo.


Quick grammar correction, in this paragraph:

So when Kingdom Hearts II rolled along, it had the dual goal of following up both the original game and Chain of Memories, wrapping the wild lore of the latter into the Disney adventure format of the latter. It was, somehow, beloved, despite being strange and self-contradictory in a way that’s hard to explain, full of even more of Nomura’s strange worldbuilding and Disney worlds that felt even more superfluous to the core proceedings.

“Latter” is said twice. It should be

wrapping the wild lore of the latter into the Disney adventure format of the former.

Anyway, great read!