Kingdom Hearts Thread 1.5+2.5 HD Remix Final Cut Pro And Knuckles


This series is a mess and yet here I am with 30 hours logged into 2 Final Mix. I know some of you have got to love/hate this series, especially since its Disney sanctioned anime.

Release Date 25 Jan 2019 [Citation Needed] – Kingdom Hearts III

I genuinely find the Kingdom Hearts story interesting (and find that all the nonsense distraction with Disney stories gets in the way).

Birth By Sleep is the best handheld game ever made!


The story is certainly engaging, but damn is it near impenetrable. Even playing through release order its a mess of too similar names, stolen identities and actual time travel.

I just really love the gameplay, and Birth By Sleep is killer in that department.


Here’s a little Kingdom Hearts story from my life. KH II came out in September, 2006, (i.e. just after the summer break) and the opening with Roxas learning of his true fate (and accepting the end of his fake little summer holiday) tore into me at the time. See 2006 was my last school year in Primary School (UK) so that summer felt like the last one before school changed to being serious about exams (or at least I feared it would - which sort of made my perception of it become that).

When Autumn came around, I had my annual severe asthma attack along with the normal multiple-week hospitalisation (this happened at least once every year until I was 14 - I’m still a sickly person). I was distraught. I thought “this is my last year with all my friends and I’m spending most of this half term in hospital again”. Nevertheless, my Dad came through for me, lending me his portable PS2 that he took with him to the many hotels his job entailed away from home.

While I lay bed-bound under the constant watch of a nurse (as I was in volatile condition), being introduced to different children every day - some sicker, some not, but always getting to go home before me - I found solace in playing Kingdom Hearts II. I will always be grateful for that.


Ah im sorry to hear about your condition man, it must have been tough. Its awesome to hear that this series could help someone like that though. Its the butt of many jokes, but its still a very special series that means a lot to people.

Kingdom Hearts was the first game I ever owned so I owe my love of games to this series.


I love pretty much every game in the series but KH1 and Birth by Sleep are my favorites. I just love the polished mettered combat of the original.


I haven’t played Dream Drop Distance yet but I understand the story up until that point. Kingdom Hearts 2 is the pinnacle of the series in terms of mechanics, but Kingdom Hearts 1 is still my favorite.

People didn’t give Chain of Memories’ card combat the chance it deserved.


KHII’s gameplay is still some of my favourite in the world, I have played that game through like 4 or 5 times. I’ve bought the Super Mega Absolutely Definitely Final Mix but haven’t started it yet as I was finishing Horizon, im ready to completely fall back in love with it.


Is the PS4 port good? I’ve been meaning to play through the games again, but the original PS2 camera is awful.


Sanctuary is a better song than Simple and Clean.


KH is one of my favorite gaming franchises but I’m getting increasingly more frustrated that we’ve had to wait so long for 3 to come out.


I hear it has a really good PS4 Pro patch that uprenders everything to 4k. Makes me want a pro just to see a 15 year old game looking so fly


Ok but which song has more unnecessary remixes? Checkmate.


Lyrically, sure, but the melody of Simple and Clean makes me cry.


PS4 port is more or less the definitive version. There are a few very small details here and there, such as a very important reaction command during the final boss fight of KH2 just not fucking working. The camera in KH1 is still kinda bad, though it’s mapped to the right analog stick now. I’ve never had problems with the camera in KH2 or any of the other games.


According to those I know who own it, the games run very well on PS4 at a super solid 60, but occasionally crash or have some save glitches. Maybe those will get patched, but in my opinion its ridiculous that the second batch of ports for these games have any problems period.


It’s especially bad, because many of the problems in the PS4 port were also in the PS3 ports. These problems ain’t getting fixed. #SquareDon’tCare


I thought about trying KH recently but then I was like… wait, what games do I even play, lol, such a clusterfuck


If you have a PS4 you can get almost all of them in one package!


I’m like four hours into KH1 and I must admit this is not super clicking with me. Combat feels kind of repetitive and there’s not much signifying how much damage I’m doing or how well I’m doing in fights, and most of the movement feels kind of floaty.

Does KH ramp up a bit once the narrative gets going? Do other titles in the series offer great improvements?

I don’t mean for this to be a negative post, and if it doesn’t click with me that’s fine but I just don’t want to dodge out too early if the consensus is that the game doesn’t open particularly strongly.