Kotaku - Current And Former Employees Sue Riot Games For Gender Discrimination

Some of the shit coming out of this is insane…

CW: Sexual Assault, discrimination, rape.

After Kotaku ’s report, Riot posted a blog post apologizing to current and former employees and promising sweeping changes to the company culture. One month later, in September, Riot still employed several of the key alleged perpetrators of abusive behavior, including COO Scott Gelb, who was said to have grabbed colleagues’ genitals, another man who allegedly stifled several women’s careers and verbally harassed them, and one other who was said to have had a history of making sexually charged comments or advances toward unwilling female employees. (Gelb did not respond to a request for comment last month.) Riot also brought on Seyfarth Shaw, a law firm that, in the past, was known for its history busting unions.

Current Riot employee Melanie McCracken, who is the second plaintiff in the lawsuit, says she has been working at Riot since 2013 and observed “discrimination based on her sex/gender.” She believes she was denied promotions, punished by male leadership and refused proper compensation as part of a trend in discrimination against women. Her initial supervisor, the lawsuit says, “did not hire females to fill vacancies in senior employment positions.” The complaint says he told McCracken that he would “feel weird having a male” as an assistant. She told her supervisor she wanted a more senior role, which he apparently responded to negatively. When McCracken complained to HR about his response and gender-based discrimination at Riot, the complaint says that HR failed to keep the meeting confidential and leaked the information to her supervisor.

On page 7 of the lawsuit, point P is incredibly disturbing.

A former male employee was allowed to remain in a position of leadership despite regularly making sexual comments in the workplace and drugging and raping another Riot Games’ employee.

I don’t see how this isn’t the headline. Riot games is possibly protecting an ACTUAL RAPIST.



Sorry for all caps and shit but like jesus fucking christ.



I don’t wanna give Kotaku shit, because they do a lot of good work, but why isn’t the headline about that rape accusation?

’Riot Games Employee Accused of Rape in Class Action Lawsuit’ would definitely get this piece more eyes through all the Election news going on right now.


I think the reason is probably because it’s a former employee and not a current one. That’s extremely awful but it’s also not someone they can fire any more. And if the headline is “former riot games employee” without knowing exactly who then that’s extremely vague.

I mean we already knew from the reports earlier this year (gosh it feels like a million years ago) that Riot was a toxic place to work but thats… I don’t want to say beyond the pale but it’s really disturbing to see it written so plainly.

Because its a lawsuit and it generally isn’t a good idea to insinuate too much about a pending trial, save the headline till after the judgement is made?

Until the trial concludes the correct word to bold IMO would be POSSIBLY. Which is a poor footing to write an article headline on