'LA Noire' Almost Got Detective Games Right


'LA Noire' is big. It's the games that got small.

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I remember expecting LA Noire to be my game of forever. I love the era, what they were saying about the gameplay, how meticulously detailed crime scenes were supposed to be. I still think its a good game, with some very strange baggage.


I loved LA Noire and still love it, and I’m sad we’ll probably never see a game like it again.


in my final year at university (2011), a friend had bought a ps3 and a tv, and he had LA noire. i used to beg him to let me know when he was going to play so i could just go over and watch. i’ve never been very into watching other people play games, either in person or through streaming or whatever. but i found it super compelling and also we’d just finished exams and i was scared of everything that was waiting. so i just used to go up to his room and watch this game unfold to relax and have a nice time. it was super clever & also the way it let you skip action sequences if you were struggling with them made it good for me when i finally got to play, as i am bad at that stuff and get frustrated easily. the setting and the mechanics for investigating are also really easy to engage with - i like noir stories and film, and it’s super cool the way it focuses on it, down to minutiae like matchboxes from bars as clues, etc.

anyway i understand the problems with it but it’s a super important game to me, and would like more games to try a lot of the things it was trying.


You can avoid most of the gun fights in la noire if you just don’t do any of the street crimes.

Also I loved the car chases. They all felt dynamic since a lot of car chases could end with the pedestrian ai and the enemy ai clashing and running into each other.