Lack of Child Murder in 'LEGO Star Wars' Is a Boon for Speed Runners

Someone playing the new LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga has discovered a trick that can help players traverse large pits and bypass empty space. Child characters, especially young LEGO Anakin Skywalker, are invincible in the game. You can hit them, but they’re impossible to kill. A determined player can use a lightsaber to launch a kid into the air and relentlessly beat the crap out of them to create forward momentum to take them over pits to move through levels more quickly

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Killing children is an iconic part of the Star Wars saga.


Back when we had an agrarian economy, you used to need 5 or 7 kids to properly speedrun your harvest.


Do you think there will be a “No Child Abuse” category for Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga on

Also is this game good? Because it looks pretty good

Folks who have been playing it have said that it is Basically Another One Of Those with a slightly more in-depth combat system (flashbacks to the 15-hit combo system story) so take that for what you will.

Strange, in LEGO Harry Potter you could definitely make the students explode into a bunch of bricks. I think at least one achievement required you use the gun spell on a child.

But I hope they leave it as-is, I would love this to never be patched out exclusively so I can see this run in next year’s Games Done Quick.


This was also my thought (re the GDQ opportunities).

It also does make for one of the better headlines for a Waypoint post in a while…

Traveler’s Tales has always seemed chill with a good taste for humor that I don’t think they will. If it does get removed I bet it comes at the request of Lego or Disney.

Kojima: you will be ashamed of your words and deeds

LEGO: I dunno juggle this kid like it’s DMC i guess. haha look at the gonk droid


The Giant Bomb Quick Look shows off a little of this. That combat system is still friendly enough for the kids this game is aimed at but I’ll be darned if there isn’t a real combo system in there.

I got it because I’m a big fan of these LEGO games, and it is pretty good. The changes to the combat are interesting, but it honestly seems meaningless when the difficulty is so dang low and the penalty for death is a slap on the wrist. They also seem to have addressed the complaint of some of the more recent games that the levels are too long, which is nice. It is a little odd how it determines what is a full-on “level” and what is just little stuff you do between levels, but that’s just me nitpicking. I still think my favorite of the series is still Batman 2, but I think this is probably the best Star Wars one.

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