Lack of Weed Smokers in Game Journalism


I’m always shocked by the lack of weed smokers in game media. I’m pretty sure that no one at Giant Bomb smokes, and I can’t remember any waypointers talking about partaking. Almost all of my gamer friends are frequent smokers or at least partake from time to time. Actually almost everyone I know smokes, so maybe it’s just the arts scene.

What are everyone else’s thoughts on this? Just a weird coincidence, or are the games writers who smoke pot, shunned off to a different part of the internet?


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Smokes n’ Tokes


My dude, you need to go to Polygon


Lack of Amiibo Eaters in Game Journalism


my interpretation is that here at VICE everyone is living in a perpetual state of smacked


There are plenty of people in games journalism who smoke weed. I won’t use specific names, but there are plenty of people working at IGN, for example, who have mentioned partaking recreationally. It’s more of just a personal thing. Sure, legalization is on the rise but even after legalization there is still the social stigma. If there’s nothing to really gain and plenty to lose from being public about it, it makes sense not to be.

EDIT: Also here’s a picture of Patrick Klepek with a bong.


Actually, it’s about ethics in weed journalism


oh word? I don’t really read polygon like that.


Damn, does this mean I was too high to notice that they were high?


I have no idea what you’re talking about


A lot of them stealth, and i know this for a fact. Sometimes you just don’t need to talk about it.

I stayed with a friend and his wife for a while when I first moved to where i am now and they had an entire room dedicated to smoking. You wouldn’t have known that unless they chose to tell you.


I have so many questions for you? How do you know?


Friends of friends, social stuff.



We’re coming up on the 1 year anniversary of #Weed3


Ah this happened before I followed GiantBomb.


The thing is, marijuana is the devil’s plant and everyone at Waypoint is good and nice and never sins and frankly I’m outraged you’d ask if they would transgress in this way


Wasn’t there a screencap of a bong on Alex’s shelf during a scoops and the wolf ep?

Idk, I think there are probably plenty of people that do, more that don’t, and that it’s none of my damn business either way.


Same here, there’s so much wonderful stuff from the old podcasts on YouTube! I’ve listened to clips like this so much, they’re like lullabies now.


I’m a curious person.