Ladies, gentlemen, and all esteemed guests,


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I think this may be an imposter.


hideo kojima… thank you


Just what I needed tbh


H U G E if true


The Kaz Hirai parody Twitter account perished so that this one might live. How noble. How courageous.


i thought this was gonna be about manny fresh


Let’s not exclude the non-binary folks, even from the pointless joke threads.


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auteur creator hideo kojima once again shows us how to break artistic boundaries in his newest meditation on the power–and costs–of language


You know who Hideo Kojima is, right? He wouldn’t know political correctness if it hit him from a carton box.


same except the cabinet battle in Hamilton

im sorry i swear im the only mod with taste this bad


you are completely right except this thread is neither pointless, nor a joke